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Making Strategy Work

Without effective execution, no business strategy can succeed. This second edition delivers a powerful framework every leader can use to overcome the obstacles to successfully deploying business strategy. In this book, leading consultant and Wharton ...

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Transforming Your Go To Market Strategy

Most distribution channels are outdated and unwieldy, serving neither customers nor channel partners adequately. Despite new technologies that have streamlined many transactions and processes, a gener...

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Studyguide For Strategy Synthesis

Never HIGHLIGHT a Book Again! Virtually all testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events are included. Cram101 Textbook Outlines gives all of the outlines, highlights, notes for your textbook...

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Fantasy Baseball Strategy

Over 10 million people participate in fantasy baseball leagues each year and will spend an average of $120 to gain any advantage over the competition. This book shows how to create a comprehensive strategy, customized to the specific league. Readers ...

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Crafting And Executing Strategy

Crafting and Executing Strategy has been revised and updated specifically with its European readers in mind. Building upon the success of previous editions, it continues to explain the core concepts a...

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Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Strategy is the first book in the Logistics Management Library. Supply Chain Strategy provides an overview of all of the topics included in a supply chain strategy and included in good logistics management. Thus, this book serves as an i...

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The Government's Alcohol Strategy

This strategy signals a radical change in the approach to irresponsible drinking and resultant criminal and anti-social behaviour and the increasing health problems created by the current levels of al...

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Asian Brand Strategy

This book offers insights, knowledge and perspectives on Asian brands and branding as a strategic tool and provides a comprehensive framework for understanding Asian branding strategies and Asian bran...

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Global Brand Strategy

"A triumph...the definitive work on the subject. Should be obligatory reading for academics and practitioners alike." Simon Anholt, Chairman, Earthspeak, and author of Brand New Justice "His analyses ...

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The Good Jobs Strategy

Explains how today's workers are a company's greatest asset and should be treated as such and discusses the flaws in the trend that sent service, manufacturing and retail sector jobs overseas in an effort to stay competitive through reduced wages and...

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Contemporary Corporate Strategy

With the onset of the third millennium, increasing numbers of corporations around the world have been undergoing cultural and mindset shift paradigms whilst developing corporate strategies that are increasingly attuned to the highly competitive and d...

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Corporate Financial Strategy

Bender and Ward present practical applications of financial theories for experienced financial managers using simple mathematics to convey the conceptual logic behind corporate financial strategy.

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Strategy For The Future Of Health

Bringing together some of the strongest and most advanced voices in the field of medicine and technology, Strategy for the Future of Health examines the constantly changing horizon of ideas and techno...

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Basic Strategy In Context

Basic Strategy in Context centres on real-world firms and managers by giving each chapter’s cases a higher weighting in importance and explanation than is normal. Given this emphasis on real-world as opposed to theoretical treatment the book enable...

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Jack Trout On Strategy

The author of Positioning and Marketing Warfare summarizes his key ideas about marketing strategy in an accessible format, discussing the ways in which "positioning" is an essential concept in marketi...

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The Clipper Ship Strategy

Conventional wisdom says that when the government expands the money supply, the money descends on the economy in a uniform blanket. This is incorrect. The money is injected into specific locations cau...

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The Strategy Focused Organization

Drawing from more than 20 in-depth case studies, this volume illustrates how the balanced scorecard adopters have taken their ground-breaking tool to the next level, to create an entirely new performa...

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Marketing Strategy Masterclass

The very best business isn’t born out of hunches, macho tactical skirmishing or simply ‘being busy’, but is the product of careful calculation and understanding customers’ needs, wants and aspirations. Marketing Strategy Masterclass is a ‘h...

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Strategy For The Wealthy Family

"An excellent and comprehensive approach to the strategies required to understand, protect and grow family wealth across generations." John Evans Managing Editor Private Banker International "Strategy...

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Business Strategy And Sustainability

This volume examines the word that's on everybody's lips in business, in government and in society - sustainability. There are of course many aspects of sustainability which might be considered to reflect Brundtland's three pillars of economic, envir...

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