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The Strategy Process

We tried to provide the reader with a richness of theory, a richness of practice, and a strong basis for linkage between the two. Presenting published articles and portions of other books in their ori...

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Strategy Synthesis

The belief that managers and potential managers will profit from understanding the major conflicting approaches to strategy forms the point of departure for this book. Ignoring the profound difference...

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WAL MART Strategy

Oct 19, 2006 - fierce expression would be great after all, Wal-Mart is launching its first . Wal-Mart ShopCast TV has been four years in development and is .

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Strategy For Sustainability

The definitive work on business strategy for sustainability by the most authoritative voice in the conversation. More than ever before, consumers, employees, and investors share a common purpose and a passion for companies that do well by doing good....

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Strategy, Value And Risk

The final quarter of the twentieth century witnessed the beginnings of a transformation - the decline of the industrial economy and rise of the information economy. Innovations in information technolo...

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Bridge Strategy

The concept of this book is unique in the annals of Bridge. It is written by an expert player and expert writer with the ability to present principles and strategies in a manner that can be readily gr...

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Executing Strategy

Strategy means nothing if it s not executed properly Two respected business psychologists coach you through a winning relay of strategy from boardroom to frontline developing stronger management leaders with each handoff"

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Economics Of Strategy

In today's global recession, strong management of firms and organizations are of the utmost importance. Best-selling Economics of Strategy focuses on the key economic concepts students must master in ...

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Business Strategy

This book argues that the core of strategic thinking and processes rests on the organization and its leaders developing newly imagined solutions to the opportunities opened up by the uncertainties and...

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Marketing As Strategy

CEOs are more than frustrated by marketing's inability to deliver results. Has the profession lost its relevance? Nirmalya Kumar argues that, although the function of marketing has lost ground, the im...

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Strategy Builder

A visual and interactive guide to building and communicating strategies that actually work The effective conditions for selling a strategy are not that different from a public presentation or a coach seeking to get his players to change tack. For a n...

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Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide

Web 2.0 makes headlines, but how does it make money? This concise guide explains what's different about Web 2.0 and how those differences can improve your company's bottom line. Whether you're an exec...

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The Luxury Strategy

Luxury is in fashion and is now to be found within almost every retail, manufacturing and service sector. New terms qualifying luxury regularly appear such as 'premium', 'ultra-premium' and 'hyperluxe...

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The Strategy Pathfinder

This new edition of the popular The Strategy Pathfinder updates the micro-cases of real-life problems faced by companies and executives. These micro-cases help readers to engage with the kinds of situ...

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Foundations Of Strategy

Features include: 10 chapters that cover all the topics in a typical one semester course Adopts a focus on strategy in practice Integration of the not-for-profit sector Opening and Closing Chapter Cases covering a range of real world, global examples...

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Hitler's Strategy

First published in 1951, this book examines Hitler's strategy and how it developed during the Second World War. Hinsley, who had worked as a code breaker during the war, uses a variety of contemporary documents as sources, including records taken fro...

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From Strategy To Execution

This insightful book presents new and innovative business models that are increasingly becoming a key to business success in a rapidly changing world. It details new and appropriate analytics, frameworks, insights, and forecasts for strategy and exec...

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Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution is a core text combining the rigour of advanced research with the accessibility of practical experience and application to guide readers through this challenging, yet essential subject.

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Perspectives On Strategy

The purpose of this book is to focus on the contribution of one of the most prominent scholars in the strategy field, Michael Porter, from both a practitioner, that is Chief Executive Officer (CEO), p...

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Content Strategy 101

Technical content is often the last in line for investment and innovation, but poor content has profound effects inside and outside the organization-it damages your reputation, shrinks sales, and caus...

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