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Title Resistant Materials
Category Corrosion resistant materials
Author Lesley Cresswell
Publisher Heinemann
Pub Date 2003
Number of Page 350
ISBN 0435757695
Read 2556
Last Read 2016-04-05 17:55:35
Tags Creep Resistant Materials, Heat Resistant Materials Fireplace, Heat Resistant Materials For Walls, Heat Resistant Materials List, Heat Resistant Materials For Kitchens

Heat Resistant Materials

Materials covered include carbon, alloy and stainless steels; alloy cast irons; high-alloy cast steels; superalloys; titanium and titanium alloys; refractory metals and alloys; nickel-chromium and nic...

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Fire And Smoke Resistant Interior Materials For Commercial Transport Aircraft

The two principal objectives of this book were (1) to identify promising Materials technologies, design issues (both overall and for individual components), and fire performance parameters (both full scale and for individual components) that, if prop...

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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

This continuing series explores different diseases to show the science behind how disease-causing organisms affect the body. Microorganisms have plagued humans since the beginning of time, causing debilitating diseases and even death. But how, exactl...

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Earthquake Resistant Structures

Earthquake engineering is the ultimate challenge for structural engineers. Even if natural phenomena involve great uncertainties, structural engineers need to design buildings, bridges, and dams capable of resisting the destructive forces produced by...

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Treatment Resistant Depression

As many as 35-40% of patients afflicted with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) are treatment Resistant, a situation that places a massive emotional and financial burden on society and challenges the mental health profession to develop new treatment par...

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The Prince's Resistant Lover

When Prince Tamar El Amin Yarin walked into simple neighborhood diner, he didn’t expect to find the woman of his dreams. In fact, he was there on business, trying to locate the hacker who had been stealing government and corporate secrets. What he ...

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Blast Resistant Highway Bridges

Explores code-ready language containing general design guidance and a simplified design procedure for blast-Resistant reinforced concrete bridge columns. The report also examines the results of experi...

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Flood Resistant Design And Construction

This Standard, Flood Resistant Design and Construction (ASCE/SEI 24-05), provides minimum requirements for flood-Resistant design and construction of structures located in flood hazard areas. This Sta...

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Building Terrorism Resistant Communities

"Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Together against Terrorism: Building Terrorism Resistant Communities, Washington D.C., USA, 26-27 September 2008."--T.p. verso.

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Corrosion Resistant Linings And Coatings

This book covers a variety of specific coatings and solid sheet and liquid applied linings, focusing on surface preparation, installation, and applicaton and detailing physical, mechanical, and overall corrosion resisitance. It compares and contrasts...

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