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Emerging Markets For Dummies

Emerging Markets For Dummies provides readers with an understanding of emerging markets and their place in our economy. Savvy investors and business managers will find the important information and advice they need to incorporate these growth areas i...

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The Securitization Markets Handbook

In this long-awaited handbook, noted experts Charles Stone and Anne Zissu provide an enlightening overview of how securitization works and explain how future cash flows from various asset classes—fr...

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Markets Never Forget But People Do

Sir John Templeton, legendary investor, was famous for saying, "The four most dangerous words in investing are, 'This time it's different.'" He knew that though history doesn't repeat, not exactly, hi...

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Emerging Markets Debt

The emerging markets have attained prominence of late as the recent troubles in the principal emerging markets in Asia, Russia and Latin America have threatened global stability. This book is the firs...

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European Capital Markets Law

European capital markets law has developed rapidly in recent years, in the form of four framework directives and numerous implementing directives aimed at improving the integrity and functioning of capital markets. The financial crisis has given furt...

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Global Capital Markets

After a century in which markets closed and then reopened, this book brings together what we have learned about the dynamics of the international macroeconomic order."--Jacket.

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Markets, Information And Communication

The internet bubble which peaked in size in 2000 is now well and truly burst. As with all bubbles, there are varying explanations for its occurrence, but the hype which surrounds the internet has shouldered a lot of the blame. There is however, no do...

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Financial Institutions And Markets

This book is a collection of research papers that contribute to the understanding of ongoing developments in financial institutions and markets both in the United States and globally.

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Financial Markets And Institutions

"Financial Markets and Institutions will help students make sense of the financial activity that is so widely and prominently reported in the media. Looking at the subject from the economists perspect...

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Investing In Emerging Markets

For more than a decade, emerging markets have proved one of the most exciting areas of investment, but the sector has not been without its dangers. Private and professional investors alike have contin...

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Opportunities In Emerging Markets

The practical guide to investing in emerging markets Though potentially risky, investing in emerging markets can offer extremely attractive returns. Opportunities in Emerging Markets offers practical ...

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Econophysics Of Stock And Other Markets

This book reviews the latest econophysics researches on the fluctuations in stock, forex and other markets. The statistical modeling of markets, using various agent-based game theoretical approaches, and their scaling analysis have been discussed. Th...

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Corporate Bond Markets

Moorad continues to demonstrate his financial expertise, and shows us why he is one of the best-selling authors in our industry today. - Eric Subliskey, Vice President, Short-Term Fixed Income JPMorgan Securities inc., New York An invaluable referenc...

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Fixed Income Markets

This book is a comprehensive and in-depth account of the global debt capital markets. It covers a wide range of instruments and their applications, including derivative instruments. Highlights of the book include: Detailed description of the main pro...

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Academy Of Financial Markets

This brief tutorial will take you through the basic financial calculations HP10BII, HP12C, SHARP-EL738 and Sharp EL 733A calculators as these are the most.

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Capital Markets Handbook

Capital Markets Handbook, Sixth Edition is the definitive desk reference for capital market professionals and a complete resource for anyone working in the financial markets field. Written by seasoned professionals in association with the SIA, Capita...

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The Artist's Guide To New Markets

A practical guide discussing alternative means by which artists can build orxpand their careers beyond the gallery market. Ideas are given on sellingrt to clients most artists would not think of appro...

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International Energy Markets

This book is designed to provide the economic skills to make better management or policy decisions relating to energy. It requires a knowledge of calculus and contains a toolbox of models along with i...

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Global Repo Markets

Repo, from sale and repurchase agreement, is one for the oldest and widely used instruments in global capital markets. It is a vital ingredient in the smooth and efficient running of the financial markets, and is used by all market participants inclu...

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Options For Volatile Markets

Practical option strategies for the new post-crisis financial market Traditional buy-and-hold investing has been seriously challenged in the wake of the recent financial crisis. With economic and mark...

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