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Spud, a self-proclaimed urban rebel, finds that when he inadvertently becomes involved in a political nightmare of power and corruption, he's going to need a lot more than half a can of spray-paint an...
Title Transit
Category Art
Author Kristen Simon
Publisher Unknown
Pub Date 2008
Number of Page 156
ISBN 1582409773
Read 46
Last Read 2016-03-01 05:15:30
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African Art In Transit

Based on extensive research in West Africa, Christopher Steiner's book presents a richly detailed description of the economic networks that transfer art objects from their site of use and production i...

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The New Transit Town

Transit-oriented development (TOD) seeks to maximize access to mass Transit and nonmotorized transportation with centrally located rail or bus stations surrounded by relatively high-density commercial and residential development. New Urbanists and sm...

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Tokyo In Transit

This work discusses literary depictions of mass Transit in 20th century Tokyo in the decades preceding WWII. It cuts across literary and historical/sociological analysis, and contributes to the growin...

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Urban Transit

The only modern text to cover all aspects of urban Transit operations, planning, and economics Global in scope, up-to-date with current practice, and written by an internationally renowned expert, Urb...

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Human Transit

Public Transit is a powerful tool for addressing a huge range of urban problems, including traffic congestion and economic development as well as climate change. But while many people support Transit ...

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Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. 9. Your built-in co-pilot . new Ford Transit Custom sets a benchmark for attention to detail. Great to . Transmission is 6-speed manual across the range. A standard .

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ASE Transit Bus Technician Certification H6

This new test preparation book from the leading publisher in automotive technology provides the only total training regimen that prepares users to pass the new ASE Transit bus certification exam on El...

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Transforming Cities With Transit

'Transforming Cities with Transit' explores the complex process of Transit and land-use integration and provides policy recommendations and implementation strategies for effective integration in rapidly growing cities in developing countries.

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Better Public Transit Systems

Better Public Transit Systems is a complete primer for performance and investment analysis of public transportation. Whether you’re planning a major new public Transit project, an extension or expan...

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Improving Transit Security

Examines the nature and extent of Transit crime, effective strategies to combat problem situations, and case studies of specific control practices deemed successful by Transit agency professionals (with no distinctions drawn between bus and rail mode...

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