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What happens when DIY meets Web 2.0? In Makers, New York Times bestselling author Chris Anderson reveals how entrepreneurs use web principles to create and produce companies with the potential to be g...

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Mischief Makers

The Musings of an ex-Moleque by Jeff Smith Jeff Smith's life can easily be summarized by two distinct periods of time. "The Musings of an ex-Moleque" tell the story of the first period. This time-fram...

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Hoshizaki Ice Makers

Hoshizaki ice makers known for quality a __ kfood safety and clean ice. Hoshizaki has rightfully gained an international reputation for quality and reliability and 

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The Weather Makers

A history of climate change, how it will unfold over the next century, and what can be done to prevent a cataclysmic future includes specific suggestions for both lawmakers and individuals.

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Image Makers

Everywhere we turn, we are exhorted to spend money, join organizations, rally to causes, or express outrage. Image Makers is a comprehensive analysis of this age of modern advocacy-from commercials to...

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Money Makers

Drawing from interviews with top executives, the author reveals the selective and secretive industries of the private sector that drive the modern economy--private equity, hedge funds, management cons...

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Deal Makers

A lawyer's handbook on how to win at negotiations by having integrity.

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The Waste Makers

Reveals the tactics used by businesses to create consumer needs and desires for products that waste resources and finances in addition to undermining human values and independence.

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Laugh Makers

The Laugh-Makers is an intensive sociological field study of the drive to become a successful stand-up comic in Canada. Robert Stebbins interviewed fifty-seven practising stand-up comedians and fiftee...

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Makers And Takers

In Makers and Takers you will discover why: * Seventy-one percent of conservatives say you have an obligation to care for a seriously injured spouse or parent versus less than half (46 percent) of lib...

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Finance For IT Decision Makers

Information technology decisions are usually made by IT experts who often lack the finance and accounting skills to fully understand the financial implications of this capital spending. This book is a...

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The Comic Book Makers

A mesmerizing history of the Golden Age of comics, told by one of its creators. Filled with personal anecdotes, it tells the compelling history of the talented artists who gave us Superman, Captain Am...

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Makers Of Ancient Strategy

In this prequel to the now-classic Makers of Modern Strategy, Victor Davis Hanson, a leading scholar of ancient military history, gathers prominent thinkers to explore key facets of warfare, strategy, and foreign policy in the Greco-Roman world. From...

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Makers Of Modern Culture

With more than 500 contributions from over 240 specialists, this volume provides lively and clearly written expositions of those figures who have done most to shape our views in the period since 1914. Music, cinema, drama, art, fiction, poetry, philo...

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Effective Prototyping For Software Makers

Much as we hate to admit it, most prototyping practice lacks a sophisticated understanding of the broad concepts of prototyping—and its strategic position within the development process. Often we overwhelm with a high fidelity prototype that design...

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Appendix A: External Device (USB 2.0/Firewire 1394) Setup Guide (Optional). 35 The system will not copy any CD, DVD, or Blu-ray discs that have Copy Protection . 3. Optical Disc Writers. (Referred to as Writer throughout this manual). 4.

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Mergers And Acquisitions Deal Makers

A behind-the-scenes look at the underlying roles of each player in a mergers and acquisitions transaction Mergers and Acquisitions Dealmaker explores the roles of the buyers and sellers involved in me...

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Makers And Users Of Medieval Books

Essays exploring different aspects of late medieval and early modern manuscript and book culture.

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Economics For Investment Decision Makers

The economics background investors need to interpret global economic news distilled to the essential elements: A tool of choice for investment decision-makers. Written by a distinguished academics and...

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The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook

The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook is easily the most helpful and honest book ever written about what it takes to make an independent movie.

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