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Blind Love

A handsome overachiever... A beautiful honors student... Together they would commit savage murder... A Teenage Love Pact Sealed In Blood Outside a small Texas town by the side of the road, high school...

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Love's Enduring Promise Love Comes Softly Book #2

Book 2 of Love Comes Softly. Their family growing, Clark and Marty look to bind each other together with love and faith. Over 800,000 sold!

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When Love Came To Town Mills & Boon Love Inspired

TO THE RESCUE As far as Mick Love was concerned, the tornado that had devastated tiny Jardin, Louisiana, had nothing on the tempestuous, wildly beautiful Lorna Dorsette. Mick had come all the way from Mississippi to help restore her aunt' s ruined pl...

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You Love Our Christmas Saleyou Will Love Our Fir Ever Spring

MURRAY FEISS AND ROYCE L16HTIN66hande|iers, Vani'ry S'rrips, . Come Join Us a'r The G.T.A's Bigges'r & Bes'r Warehouse Sale. Beau'riful Brand .

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Here At Mitsubishi, We Love Our Cars. We Love Their Superior

Advantage, Australia's Best New Car Warranty, Capped Price Servicing and Customer Care. Mitsubishi . for further information, please refer to the Pajero owner's manual. . logic' 5-speed automatic transmission with Sports. Mode will be .

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Blind Eye

No one could believe the handsome young doctor might be a serial killer. Wherever he was hired -- in Ohio, Illinois, New York, South Dakota -- Michael Swango at first seemed the model physician. Then ...

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Waking Up Blind

Imagine trusting a doctor—with the best reputation in the state—to do surgery on your eyes. Now imagine the worst of outcomes. Blindness in an eye that you learn, in fact, never needed surgery. And the medical center where you were treated is ign...

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Blind Spot

Argues that prejudice toward others is often an unconscious part of the human psyche and analyzes the science behind biased feelings while sharing guidelines for identifying and learning from hidden p...

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Blind Spots

When confronted with an ethical dilemma, most of us like to think we would stand up for our principles. But we are not as ethical as we think we are. In Blind Spots, leading business ethicists Max Baz...

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Blind People

Blind People approaches disability from a fresh perspective: people with an unusual body are conceived of relativistically as a variant of humanity, much the way anthropology approaches people of different culture. While deeply empathic to its subjec...

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Blind Sight

Losing his will to live after the tragic deaths of his family members, Thomas Kent receives a mysterious message from the past that rallies him to expose a dangerous cult that intends to compromise Am...

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Blind Into Baghdad

In the autumn of 2002, Atlantic Monthly national correspondent James Fallows wrote an article predicting many of the problems America would face if it invaded Iraq. After events confirmed many of his ...

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Blind Curve

An Acura Integra has been in Penny's family's garage for years. Now, after countless hours of work, Penny and her brother have turned the Acura into fine-tuned street-racing machine. But just as Penny's ready to show off her ride—and her driving sk...

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Do The Blind Dream?

Do the Blind Dream? shows Gifford at the height of his powers, navigating with ease the new, more fragmented imaginative landscape of morning-after America. Gifford seems to have anticipated themes th...

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Running Blind

The mission trip to Mexico was supposed to be an adventure. But the thrill turns sour when Jenna Dougherty and her roommate Magdalena are kidnapped. A head injury leaves Jenna temporarily blind, with ...

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The Blind Watchmaker

Acclaimed as the most influential work on evolution written in the last hundred years, The Blind Watchmaker offers an inspiring and accessible introduction to one of the most important scientific disc...

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Falling Blind

They are the Sentinels. Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes: the Synestryn. Now a w...

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Blind Alley

Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan confronts her ultimate challenge when she is asked to identify the victims of a vicious serial killer who is going to remarkable lengths to hide the identity of his victim...

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Explaining Colours To A Blind Man

Book DescriptionSusan Kennedy had a dream as a little girl. She wanted to become a teacher. Sadly, because of a combination of nurture and nature, that dream was never to be. This heartrending and cap...

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Blind Speech Separation

This is the first book to provide a cutting edge reference to the fascinating topic of blind source separation (BSS) for convolved speech mixtures. Through contributions by the foremost experts on the subject, the book provides an up-to-date account ...

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