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Presents an introduction to robots that examines their place in human imagination throughout history, as well as the history and current status of their development and use.

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Pet Robots

Jake, Chris, Tammy, and Tommy get lost while on a field trip to the Rooty Tooty Toy Company and stumble across four military robots, who follow them home; now they must deal with the very angry owner ...

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FIRST Robots

This book features 30 award-winning robots from the 2006 FIRST (For Inspiration of Science and Technology) Robots Competition. This annual competition partners high school students with practicing pro...

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Lighter Than Air Robots

An aerial robot is a system capable of sustained flight with no direct human control and able to perform a specific task. A lighter than air robot is an aerial robot that relies on the static lift to ...

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Robots In Space

Given the near incomprehensible enormity of the universe, it appears almost inevitable that humankind will one day find a planet that appears to be much like the Earth. This discovery will no doubt re...

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Autonomous Robots

An introduction to the science and practice of autonomous robots that reviews over 300 current systems and examines the underlying technology.

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Wearable Robots

A wearable robot is a mechatronic system that is designed around the shape and function of the human body, with segments and joints corresponding to those of the person it is externally coupled with. Teleoperation and power amplification were the fir...

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Robots For Kids

Within the sphere of children's learning and play, the concept of robot and the application of actual robots are undergoing a dramatic expansion. Here the term "robot" refers to a growing range of int...

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Flying Insects And Robots

Flying insects are intelligent micromachines capable of exquisite maneuvers in unpredictable environments. Understanding these systems advances our knowledge of flight control, sensor suites, and unsteady aerodynamics, which is of crucial interest to...

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Autonomous Flying Robots

Worldwide demand for robotic aircraft such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) is surging. Not only military but especially civil applications are being developed at a ...

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Panasonic G2 Series Robots

6 Axis Versatile Industrial Robot. Panasonic pursues Only one welding. G2 Series. High performance manipulators and. G2 controller with 64 bit main CPU.

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Electroactive Polymer Gel Robots

This monograph presents new developments and advances of deformable robots made of electroactive polymer (EAP) gel, which is a promising new material for artificial muscles. "Electroactive Polymer Gel...

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Industrial Robots Programming

Industrial Robots Programming focuses on designing and building robotic manufacturing cells, and explores the capabilities of today s industrial equipment as well as the latest computer and software technologies. Special attention is given to the inp...

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Bio Inspired Flying Robots

This book demonstrates how bio-inspiration can lead to fully autonomous flying robots without relying on external aids. Most existing aerial robots fly in open skies, far from obstacles, and rely on external beacons, mainly GPS, to localise and navig...

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Robust Control Of Robots

Robust Control of Robots bridges the gap between robust control theory and applications, with a special focus on robotic manipulators. It is divided into three parts:robust control of regular, fully-a...

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Climbing And Walking Robots

Interest in climbing and walking robots (CLAWAR) has increased considerably. This book contains the proceedings of the 7th Climbing and Walking Robots 2004 (CLAWAR 2004) Conference, which provides a forum for original contributions from various indus...

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Building Robots With Lego Mindstorms

Lego robots! Mindstorms are sweeping the world and fans need to learn how to programme them Lego Mindstorms are a new generation of Lego Robots that can be manipulated using microcomputers, light and ...

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Control Of Single Wheel Robots

This monograph presents a novel concept of a mobile robot, which is a single-wheel, gyroscopically stabilized robot. The robot is balanced by a spinning wheel attached through a two-link manipulator a...

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Advances In Autonomous Mini Robots

Autonomous robots must carry out useful tasks all by themselves relying entirely on their own perceptions of their environment. The cognitive abilities required for autonomous action are largely independent of robot size, which makes mini robots attr...

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Soviet Robots In The Solar System

Soviet Robots in the Solar System provides a history of the Soviet robotic lunar and planetary exploration program from its inception, with the attempted launch of a lunar impactor on September 23, 19...

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