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God's Leading Lady

Citing the high expectations placed on many women, a guide on finding God's purpose draws on the stories of women in the bible to explain how to move beyond personal weaknesses and low self-esteem in ...

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Leading With Honor

Explains how the lessons about leadership and teamwork that the author learned as a result of his difficult experiences as a prisoner of war in Vietnam can be applied to challenges in business and gov...

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The Leading Indicators

How did we come by the “leading indicators” we place such stock in? We allocate trillions of dollars and make public policy and personal decisions based upon them, but what do they really tell us?...

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Leading Leaders

A unique leadership challenge: the ability to manage other leaders.

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Leading For Learning

Written by acclaimed school reform advocate Phillip C. Schlechty, Leading for Learning offers educators the framework, tools, and processes they need to transform their schools from bureaucracies into...

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Leading Like Madiba

This is a book about a many-sided man whose legacy is his unquenchable desire to spend himself for the well-being of others. Through a series of stories told by men and women about how Nelson Mandela ...

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Leading With Humility

The media is saturated with images of leaders as powerful, headstrong individuals, who are certain of their position and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their organizational goals or person...

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Leading Outside The Lines

An all-new approach to understanding the (in)formal connections of an organization From the bestselling coauthor of the business classic The Wisdom of Teams comes an all-new exploration of the modern ...

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Leading Digital

"Leading Digital makes the provocative argument that the next imminent phase of digital technology adoption - driven by the convergence of mobility, analytics, social media, cloud computing, and embedded devices - will make everything that's happened...

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Enticed By His Forgotten Lover Mills & Boon Desire Pregnancy & Passion Book 1

Bryony fell for hotelier Rafael when he courted her for her beachfront real estate. Then he disappeared. Now, a very pregnant Bryony's in New York looking for answers – but Rafael has none and he doesn't remember Bryony! Their solution: return to t...

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Wanted By Her Lost Love Mills & Boon Desire Pregnancy & Passion Book 2

Despite his fiancee's betrayal, developer Ryan Beardsley provided for Kelly when he sent her packing. So he's livid to find her working in a dingy diner, desperate and pregnant. Whether the baby is his – or his brother's – Ryan demands that Kelly...

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Leading Organization Design

Praise for Leading Organization Design "Designing organizations for performance can be a daunting task. Kesler and Kates have done an admirable job distilling the inherent complexity of the design process into manageable parts that can yield tangible...

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Leading Public Health

"James Begun and Jan Malcolm combine the wisdom of an academic and a practitioner to provide a comprehensive, accessible guide to impactful public health leadership. It is timely because now more than ever the stakes and oppotunities are high. A must...

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Leading Quality Assurance

Leading Quality Assurance specializes in providing quality assurance audits, benchmarking analysis and training services to the luxury hospitality industry, 

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Leading Corporate Turnaround

Leadership is never more crucial than when corporate survival is at stake. But the days of the tough guys are over. The leaders who are driving today’s sustainable turnarounds understand that the an...

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Leading Change In A Web 2.1 World

Recent advances in Web 2.0 technology enable new leadership processes and guidelines that can create great value for organizations. In this important new book—the first title in the new Brookings series on Innovations in Leadership—management exp...

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Leading From The Emerging Future

Our Time Is Now We have entered an age of disruption. Financial collapse, climate change, resource depletion, and a growing gap between rich and poor are but a few of the signs. Otto Scharmer and Katr...

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Leading Culture Change

This book is a must-read for top leaders who recognize the importance of culture change, but need a field guide to teach them how to put their organizational DNA to work.

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Leading Change From The Middle

Bookshelves abound with theoretical analyses, how-to guides, and personal success stories by famous corporate leaders, public officials, even athletic coaches, expounding on how to lead from the top. But what about those in the middle who are increas...

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Leading The Learning Revolution

Lifelong learning has become a multibillion-dollar business, with more than 60 million adults currently engaged in webinars, webcasts, in-house training, continuing education classes, and more. But it...

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