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Selling With Noble Purpose

Turn an effective sales force into one that is truly outstanding Drawing on two decades of consulting with leading sales organizations, sales leadership expert Lisa Earle McLeod reveals how a Noble Sa...

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Passion For The Game

Christopher St. John and Maria, Lady Winter, are infamous in Society for their misdeeds and their charming allures. Wherever they go, scandalized whispers and covetous glances follow. A ruthless pirat...

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Passion And Purity

Using her own life as an example, Elliot guides singles of both genders and of any age on how to put their love lives under the authority of Jesus Christ.

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Passion And Perception

This collection of "Stitesiana" includes 29 essays on Russian culture, representing the bulk of 20 years of scholarship, in addition to well-known monographs and diverse pieces in popular magazines.

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Passion Play

"More than Betrayal or The Real Thing, Passion Play makes one feel the ugliness of deceit, the escalating anguish that can come from loss of trust... Has an intensity of feeling, a moral scope and a t...

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Passion And Defiance

Since World War II, aesthetic impulses generated in Italy have swept through every film industry in the world, and in her book Mira Liehm analyses the roots in literature, philosophy, and contemporary Italian life which have contributed to this extra...

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A Literate Passion

The intimacy between Nin and Miller, first disclosed in Henry and June, is documented further in this impassioned exchange of letters between the two controversial writers. Edited and with an Introduction by Gunther Stuhlmann; Index.

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His Perfect Passion

[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Romance, light Consensual BDSM] Darius Rourke has long desired the beautiful and mysterious Marianne, seizing the opportunity to claim her when her family falls on ha...

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Contagious Passion

"In Jeff 's book, "Contagious Passion," he provides first-hand insights into selling and how to apply many practical approaches to improve one's effectiveness. Jeff shares authentic life experiences w...

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Blood Passion

Offers an in-depth account of the violent strike that plagued Colorado's southern coal district, which in April 1914 culminated in a full-scale battle between armed strikers and the Colorado National ...

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On The Passion Of The Christ

"These essays are well-informed, interesting, and written in an accessible style. The perspectives represented raise unexpected and important issues, eliciting the reader's engagement and creating an absorbing conversation."--Margaret R. Miles, autho...

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A Passion For Egypt

This compelling biography of Arthur Weigall, the British Egyptologist and Chief Inspector of Antiquities, chronicles his involvement with the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb under Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon. Weigall came into conflict with Cart...

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A Passion To Preserve

From large cities to rural communities, gay men have long been impassioned pioneers as keepers of culture: rescuing and restoring decrepit buildings, revitalizing blighted neighborhoods, saving artifacts and documents of historical significance. A Pa...

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And Porsche Panorama because we were Porsche Club of America members. To me, Porsches have later, Zaccone the original owner still drives it cross-country to PCA's . Called the 912, this four-cylinder 911 has earned its .

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Passion For Jesus

Awakened to deeper love for God by a revelation of His passionate love for us.

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The Dangerous Passion

Why do men and women cheat on each other? How do men really feel when their partners have sex with other men? What worries women more -- men who turn to other women for love or men who simply want sex...

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Passion For Islam

"Islam's revival is reshaping Egypt and other Arab countries in ways beyond violent politics. The yearning for personal solace, a just political system, indigenous lifestyles, and relevant theology al...

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Pondering The Passion

This collection is must reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Christ's Passion.

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It Starts With Passion

How to ignite your passion, live with purpose, and succeed in life and business No matter what you want to achieve in life, the secret to doing it is passion. For people to be happy, they need to find meaning in what they do and in the roles they pla...

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Passion For Justice

This valuable book explores how theology, ethics, and public policy are related in the thoughts and lives of Walter Rauschenbusch, John A. Ryan, and Reinhold Niebuhr--three individuals who have each h...

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