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12 Lead ECG

This book features 200+ full-size, real-life ECGs accompanied by thorough explanations and analyses. Presented in a clear and casual writing style, the book’s leveled approach takes a complex subjec...

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Take The Lead

A senior advisor to two Presidents and former Executive Director of Harvard's Center for Public Leadership identifies seven modern keys for successful leadership, citing the characteristics of individ...

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Lead With LUV

Once, there was a remarkable person who led with love. Her company succeeded where its competitors struggled. Its customers were loyal, its employees loved to work there, and it was profitable year af...

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The Right To Lead

John Maxwell offers key principles, stories, and reflections onpreparing a leader's mind and heart to lead both themselves and others. Leadership is something you learn and earn the right to do. Renowned business writer, motivational speaker, and NY ...

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Lead The Pack

In "Lead the Pack: Sparking Innovation that Drives Customers Wild," Soken and Wengert provide an insightful analysis of the psychological factors that influence innovation from the perspective of cust...

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Sensible Analysis Of The 12 Lead ECG

This text provides in-depth introduction to the analysis of the 12-lead electrocardiogram. It offers comprehensive review of cardiac anatomy and relates pathology to the ECG findings. Pathology of car...

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Lead Like Jesus

This study guide is an individually available part of the authors' "Lead Like Jesus" kit. Only one study guide is included in the initial kit, but churches or organizations can buy as many study guide...

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Taking The Lead

The Alec London Series is a series written for boys, 8 - 12 years old. Alec London is introduced in Stephanie Perry Moore's previously released series, The Morgan Love Series. In this new series, read...

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Lead With Your Customer


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Called To Lead

What makes a true leader? Is leadership a title? Authority? Charisma? Whatever getsthe best results? Today more than ever, Christians need a model of leadershipthat is based on God’s Word, that brings God glory. In Called to Lead, best-selling auth...

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When Professionals Have To Lead

For too long, professional services firms have relied on the “producer-manager” model, which works well in uncomplicated business environments. However, today’s managing directors must balance often conflicting roles, more demanding clients, to...

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12 Lead ECG: The Art Of Interpretation

Welcome to the most comprehensive resource on 12-Lead ECG interpretation! This all-encompassing, four-color text, updated to the new Second Edition, is designed to make you a fully advanced interpreter of ECGs. Whether you are paramedic, nurse, nurse...

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Lead Your Boss

Every manager on the move wants to have influence at the top in order to get his or her ideas heard and ultimately acted upon. In Lead Your Boss, recognized leadership guru John Baldoni gives managers new—as well as tried-and-true— methods for in...

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Step Up And Lead

In his new book Step Up and Lead, Frank Viscuso—author, speaker, and career deputy chief—shares the secrets of effective fire service leadership, introduces the traits and skills essential for successful fire service leaders, and discusses the im...

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The Powers To Lead

What qualities make a leader succeed in business or politics? In an era when the information revolution has dramatically changed the playing field, when old organizational hierarchies have given way t...

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Lead With A Story

"Features powerful stories for 21 of the toughest challenges businesspeople face"--Jacket.

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Lead Generation On The Web

Are you a small-business owner, consultant, or marketing manager for a big company selling an intangible service or hard-to-understand product? Does it take a while to gain your customer's trust and make the sale?If you answered "yes" to any of these...

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Introduction To 12 Lead ECG

This Text Is A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners With Minimal Experience Interpreting Ecgs. The Chapters Provide A Basic Understanding Of The Components Of An ECG As Well As Introduce The Important To...

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Learning To Lead

As the author of two other books in this American Council on Education series, Davis, a dean and former professor of higher education at the U. of Denver, examines leadership roles in higher education that extend beyond formal titles to institution-w...

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Lead Us Into Temptation

We live in a commercial age, awash in a sea of brand names and advertising jingles. Twichell takes a witty and unflinching look at our commercial culture, and concludes that consumerism holds us together as a society.

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