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Hollywood's America

Fully revised, updated, and extended, this compilation of interpretive essays and primary documents teaches students to read films as cultural artifacts within the contexts of actual past events. A ne...

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America's Prophet

An exploration of how the story of Moses has influenced American history traces the biblical figure's role in inspiring change, from the Pilgrims' journey and the visions of the Founding Fathers to th...

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America Beyond Capitalism

2011 edition, with a new introduction by the author and a new foreword by James Gustave Speth As discontent with the economic and political status quo mounts in the wake of the "great recession," America Beyond Capitalism is a book whose time has com...

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Energy In America

"Proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Center for Study of the American Experience, the Annenberg School of Communications, University of Southern California.".

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Unions In America

Unions in America provides a concise and current introduction to what America's labor unions do and why they do it. In this engaging text, author Gary Chaison portrays America's unions as complex, sel...

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The Man Who Sold America

We live in an age of persuasion. Leaders and institutions of every kind--public and private, large and small--must compete in the marketplace of images and messages. This has been true since the adven...

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Enabling America

The most recent high-profile advocate for Americans with disabilities, actor Christopher Reeve, has highlighted for the public the economic and social costs of disability and the importance of rehabil...

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The Chinese In America

This new collection of essays demonstrates how a politics of polarity have defined the 150-year experience of Chinese immigration in America. Chinese-Americans have been courted as 'model workers' by ...

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Backblocks America

Backblocks America: Jo and Gareth Morgan take on the States, Mexico and Canada is the story of Jo and Gareth's latest trip. Backblocks America is a roadtrip of discovery. They start at St Augustine, F...

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Civil War America

In these masterful essays drawn from his New York Times bestsellers A History of the American People and Heroes, one of the world's most renowned and respected historians explores what is arguably the...

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America As Second Creation

An exploration of the dialogue that emerged after 1776 between different visions of what it meant to use new technologies to transform the land.

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Missing In America

Tom Clegg's approach to evangelism nearly got him stabbed. . . and some might say he would have deserved it. For years, Tom struggled with his approach to reach people. A passionate follower of Christ, he also wrestled with something else. A deep, un...

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Homeschooling In America

This revealing and balanced portrait of homeschooling today provides a full history of the movement, demographic insights, and extensive research on how homeschooled children fare.

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Contemporary America

A broad-ranging and lively introduction to all aspects of life in America which combines original insights on history, politics, sociology and cultural studies. Fully revised, the fourth edition includes analysis of the 2012 election results, and has...

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America's War On Terror

The US response to 9/11 was exceptional. The 'war on terror' went against the norm in the sense of being unusual and it challenged certain international norms as articulated in international law. This book focuses on four specific exceptions: US poli...

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What Matters In America

Compact in both page count and trim size, What Matters in America'sthemes examine popular culture topics and provide a sufficient number of selections to make sure topics are given with adequate depth...

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Morning In America

Chronicles the political events of the 1980s, offering a year-by-year account of the economic and cultural changes that took place during Ronald Reagan's two terms in the White House.

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Lies Across America

Examines more than one hundred sites that promote incorrect interpretations of American history and raises questions about what Americans choose to commemorate. Originally published as Lies Across Ame...

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The Creation Of America

An alternative history of the American Revolution; the colonists were empire-building conquerors not democratic revolutionaries.

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Policing In America

This comprehensive text provides an overview of law enforcement topics, integrating major empirical findings and theory-based research findings in the field with a thorough analysis of contemporary po...

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