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Obama's America

This book explores the rise of Barack Obama and his vision of One America in the context of profound social and political changes in the US, and the potential transformation of American foreign policy in the post-Bush era.

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ConFiguring America

Elvis Presley. Marilyn Monroe. LeBron James. They're all American, of course, but like many cultural figures who hail from the United States, they have names and faces known the world over. ConFigurin...

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America's New Empire

In this volume, Hamilton deals with some of the antecedents and the outcome of the Spanish-American war, specifically, the acquisition of an American empire. It critiques the “progressive” view of those events, questioning the notion that busines...

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America The Philosophical

Argues that America is a leading philosophical culture in history, outlining an overview of thought to explain that Americans demonstrate a high capacity for intellectual enterprises in the spirit of ...

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The Man Who Pushed America To War

This is the true story of Ahmad Chalabi, fraudster, statesman, banker, math whiz and aesthete, whose legendary charisma and charm - and almost hypnotic powers of persuasion - helped propel the United ...

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#fix Young America

Our government is being strangled by partisan politics, youth employment is at a 60-year low, and student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion--and yet young Americans are starting businesses in record numbers, all over the United States. If we want M...

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America's Old Masters

Profiles the four eighteenth-century painters who earned the earliest international acclaim for American art

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Rescuing America

John F. Kennedy said, 'Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.' In that spirit, Richard G. Clemens wrote Rescuing America: The Bipartisan Path, which disc...

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The Most Famous Man In America

No one predicted success for Henry Ward Beecher at his birth in 1813. The blithe, boisterous son of the last great Puritan minister, he seemed destined to be overshadowed by his brilliant siblings—e...

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Lynching In America

Whether conveyed through newspapers, photographs, or Billie Holliday’s haunting song “Strange Fruit,” lynching has immediate and graphic connotations for all who hear the word. Images of lynching are generally unambiguous: black victims hanging...

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America Under Construction

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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America's Cold War

In a brilliant new interpretation, Campbell Craig and Fredrik Logevall reexamine the successes and failures of America’s Cold War. The United States dealt effectively with the threats of Soviet pred...

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Darwinism Comes To America

In 1997, even as Pope John Paul II was conceding that evolution was "more than just a theory," local school boards and state legislatures were still wrangling over the teaching of origins--and nearly half of all Americans polled believed in the recen...

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The Cleansing Of America

Dr. W. Cleon Skousen spent the majority of his life researching the gospel, the U.S. Constitution, the founding of America and writing numerous books and articles on the topic. He is also one of the m...

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Connecting America

Broadband is the great infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century. Broadband is a foundation for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness and a better way of life. The number of A...

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Angels In America

The two-part Angels in America is an epic drama set during the Reagan years in America - now recognised as one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century. Part Two: Perestroika picks up the storie...

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America I AM Legends

This lavish photography book captures the dynamism of 75 legendary African Americans through powerful images and penetrating words, showcasing the indelible imprint they have made on the United States and the world. A comment on each iconic figureOCo...

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Can America Survive?

This paperback version of Pastor John Hagee's newest book has ripped-from-the-headlines updates. New material has been added regarding the death of the dollar, a nuclear Iran, and the rejection of Israel. Further, this New York Times best-selling aut...

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The Men Who Lost America

In 1781 the British Empire suffered its most devastating defeat in a war that most believed Britain ought to have won. Common wisdom has held that incompetent military commanders and political leaders...

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Outsourcing America

One of the most controversial topics in the news is the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries. Outsourced jobs have extended well beyond the manufacturing sector to include white-collar professionals, particularly in information technology,...

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