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The study of energy landscapes holds the key to resolving some of the most important contemporary problems in chemical physics. Many groups are now attempting to understand the properties of clusters, glasses and proteins in terms of the underlying p...
Title Energy Landscapes
Category Science
Author David Wales
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pub Date 2003
Number of Page 681
ISBN 0521814154
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Sustainable Energy Landscapes

In the near future the appearance and spatial organization of urban and rural Landscapes will be strongly influenced by the generation of renewable Energy. One of the critical tasks will be the re-integration of these sustainable Energy Landscapes in...

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Energy And The New Reality 1 Energy Efficiency And The Demand For Energy Services

Reducing and managing humanity's demand for Energy is a fundamental part of the effort to mitigate climate change. In this, the most comprehensive textbook ever written on the subject, L.D. Danny Harvey lays out the theory and practice of how things ...

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Landscapes Of Clearance

This volume examines ancient Landscapes that have been cleared of inhabitants and the social impacts of clearance on their populations.

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Landscapes And Labscapes

What is it like to do field biology in a world that exalts experiments and laboratories? How have field biologists assimilated laboratory values and practices, and crafted an exact, quantitative scien...

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New Cultural Landscapes

This groundbreaking book discusses how contemporary cultural Landscapes can be, and are, created and recognised.

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How Landscapes Change

North and South America share similar human and ecological histories and, increasingly, economic and social linkages. As such, issues of ecosystem functions and disruptions form a common thread among these cultures. This volume synthesizes the perspe...

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The Economic Value Of Landscapes

This book aims to explore the avenue of landscape economics and provides the building blocks (from different scientific disciplines) for an economic analysis of Landscapes. What exactly constitutes an...

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Landscapes Beyond Land

Land is embedded in a multitude of material and cultural contexts, through which the human experience of landscape emerges. Ethnographers, with their participative methodologies, long-term co-residence, and concern with the quotidian aspects of the p...

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Landscapes Of Promise

Landscapes of Promise is the first comprehensive environmental history of the early years of a state that has long been associated with environmental protection. Covering the period from early human habitation to the end of World War II, William Robb...

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Landscapes & Illusions

With this book, quilters can learn how to create visual illusions that add drama to their fabric Landscapes. There are 14 lessons covering such illusions as depth, luminosity, and reflection, plus 10 patterns readers can copy or modify to make unique...

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