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The Everything Koran Book

Recent events have caused tremendous interest in the Muslim religion, yet very few people understand its important tenets, as outlined in its holy book, the Koran. The Everything Koran Book, written b...

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Burning Book

Jessica Bruderis a reporter for theOregonian.Her writing has also appeared in theNew York Times,theWashington Post,and theNew York Observer.She lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Burning Bridges Luna A Retrievers Novel Book 4

Wren Valere used to be almost invisible. But now she's not only being seen, she's getting involved. Recent attacks against nonhuman Fatae have escalated into hate crimes against magic users in general--humans included. With the Mage Council distracte...

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The Koran Qur'an

"The Koran" is the ultimate authority and the foundation of the Islamic faith. Believed by Muslims to be the word of God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through the archangel Gabriel, it is the source of all Islamic tenets. "The Koran" is composed i...

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The Secrets Of The Koran

Forget all those evening news sound bites or diplomatically correct half-truths about the Koran and the religion of Islam. If you want to know what the Koran is really about, you have to know what it ...

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Beyond The Burning Bus

The Council did not prevent all disorder in Anniston - there was one death and the usual threats, crossburnings, and a widely publicized beating of two black ministers - yet Anniston was spared much o...

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Come Down Burning

Comedy and drama come together in this volume of plays by the award-winning playwright. The best work is SEVEN MENUS...the clever staging and the compression of the one-act form give a biting sense of the instability of contemporary urban existence. ...

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Burning Plasma:

Significant advances have been made in fusion science, and a point has been reached when we need to decide if the United States is ready to begin a burning plasma experiment. A burning plasma-in which at least 50 percent of the energy to drive the fu...

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The Burning Spear

Books for All Kinds of Readers. ReadHowYouWant offers the widest selection of on-demand, accessible format editions on the market today. Each edition has been optimized for maximum readability, using our patent-pending conversion technology. We are p...

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Fringe The Burning Man

The critically acclaimed Fringe television series explores the dramatic and grotesque as impossible crimes are investigated by the shadowy Fringe Division. Author Christa Faust (Choke Hold) is working...

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Heaven's Burning

God gave Ted Erickson the power to freeze the sinful, so why does his own body keep growing numb? A prostitute. A dirty bum. They can't survive Ted's growing ability to exhale cold air from the Ninth ...

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Burning Wild

Billionaire Jack Babbaconni, who is gifted with leopard-shifting abilities, is strongly attracted to the mysterious Emma Reynolds, and so he hires her as his son's nanny in order to keep her close and...

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The Fat Burning Bible

"One of the most comprehensive nutritional and exercise programs I've ever encountered. This groundbreaking work is sure to be a powerful tool in the hands of anyone wanting to lose excess body fat." ...

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From A Burning House

A powerful collection of stories, poems, and excerpts gives voice to HIV-positive individuals and their caregivers from the front lines of the AIDS epidemic and offers a poignant look into the effects of AIDS on human life. Original.

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The Burning Times

A fourteenth-century monk is charged with the task of determining whether a midwife turned abbess accused of heresy by the Inquisition should be dubbed a saint or burned at the stake.

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Burning Chrome

Best-known for his seminal sf novel Neuromancer, William Gibson is actually best when writing short fiction. Tautly-written and suspenseful, Burning Chrome collects 10 of his best short stories with a...

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Nero Burning Rom

1 Inicio correcto 6 1.1 Acerca del manual 6 1.2 Acerca de Nero Burning ROM 6 1.3 Versiones de Nero Burning ROM 7 1.4 Uso del programa 7

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Burning The Ships

Now in paperback, the inside story of "the greatest transformation of Microsoft since it became a multinational company" Marshall Phelps's remarkable eyewitness story offers lessons for any executive struggling with today's innovation and intellectua...

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Burning Tower

Return to the "vivid and unusual" (Kirkus Reviews) world of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's The Burning City, where the fire god has retreated into myth, leaving the residents of Tep's Town unprotec...

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Burning Garbo

On the morning of her thirtieth birthday, ex-con-turned-paparazza Nina Zero scales the Malibu hillside above the estate of a reclusive film star who hasn't been seen in a decade. Within the next few hours, a mysterious gunman shoots her, a deadly bru...

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