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Authors In The Kitchen

Stir up a batch of storybook treats with recipes contributed by 50 beloved children's authors, and learn more about their lives and work.

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Gujarati Kitchen

Gujrati Kitchen consists of over 100 authentic recipes. Some of these recipes have never been written down before and are generations old, yet they are new-newly adapted for ingredients and tools available now.

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Just A Kid From Hell's Kitchen

Chapter 7 GROWING UP CATHOLIC IN HELL'S KITCHEN. 1. . scene was a most eerie one, something out of a science fiction movie. Cooperation was.

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In A Persian Kitchen

With colorful, personal notes and tender reflections on her family's traditions, Maideh Mazda offers readers the possibility of creating the delicate flavors of Persian cuisine.

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B999799 10-11. To view our full suite of home appliances, visit . Each appliance bearing the Miele name reflects the finest German engineering and . No product manual required. With a S 5281 Callisto. S 5381 Gemini.

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The Kitchen Idea Book

Presents nearly 500 photographs of kitchen interiors, along with advice in planning a kitchen.

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The Kitchen Linens Book

Gather 'round! The endearing follow-up to The Apron Book is now served. EllynAnne Geisel graces us with her new treasure, The Kitchen Linens Book. It's a lovely treat. Family kitchens are where our da...

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Encyclopedia Of Kitchen History

First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Kitchen And Bath Design

The all-in-one reference to designing stunning and functional kitchens and baths Designing for today's kitchens and baths requires technical savvy, a keen eye for aesthetics, and perhaps most importan...

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Building Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

Discusses the selection of materials for cabinets and provides detailed instructions on constructing, installing, and finishing kitchen cabinets

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Constructing Kitchen Cabinets

A straightforward manual for all woodworkers and cabinetmakers, this reference offers essential information about constructing kitchen cabinets. With a chapter devoted to each step of the cabinet maki...

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Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

Build your own kitchen cabinets! You don't need a showroom full of equipment or expertise in calculus to build your own kitchen cabinets. In fact, Danny Proulx's concise, easy-to-follow instructions e...

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The Dairy Free Kitchen

The Dairy-Free Kitchen contains 100 delicious recipes for the foods you love, without the dairy. It also provides you with a wealth of information on weeding out hidden dairy in everyday foods and getting adequate levels of calcium and minerals from ...

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FrigidaireProfessional Kitchen Offer $227 $227 $397 $449

2-Level Tower Wash System. 100% Filtered Wash Water. UltraQuiet Sound Insulation. Package. FDB2400KB Manual Clean Oven. FEF339FS. $449.

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The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen

After years of research, scientists declared that the Mediterranean diet was the best one for overall good health-and the exciting news was that it tasted great, too. With recipes for everything from nutritious appetizers to dairy-free desserts, this...

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Crazy Sexy Kitchen

This follow-up to Carr's "New York Times" bestseller "Crazy Sexy Diet" is a Veggie Manifesto for plant-empowered gourmands and novices alike, and it's filled with inspiration, education, cooking tips,...

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Recipes From My Home Kitchen

In her kitchen, Christine Ha possesses a rare ingredient that most professionally-trained chefs never learn to use: the ability to cook by sense. After tragically losing her sight in her twenties, this remarkable home cook, who specializes in the mou...

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The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

You don't need to be a chef, you don't need special ingredients, you don't even need a big kitchen. There is a half-galley kitchen in New York with just a single counter, a tiny stove, pans stacked hi...

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The Starter Kitchen: The Collection

Over 60 cheap, super-quick recipes plus lots of tricks and tips to set you up in the kitchen. Moving out of home? Setting up house with a few mates? Or just looking for inspiration to get started in the kitchen. The Starter Kitchen will help you set ...

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The Cancer Fighting Kitchen

A Culinary Pharmacy in Your Pantry The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen features 150 science-based, nutrient-rich recipes that are easy to prepare and designed to give patients a much-needed boost by stimulati...

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