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Kingdom Of Heaven

The story of the production of the motion picture Kingdom of heaven.

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Inescapable Road To Kingdom Book #1

Page-Turning Romantic Suspense Set Against the Backdrop of a Small Mennonite Town Lizzie Engel is used to running away. At eighteen, she left her Mennonite hometown, her family, and her faith with plans never to return. Five years later, Lizzie finds...

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Wings Of Fire Book Three: The Hidden Kingdom

The WINGS OF FIRE saga continues! Deep in the rainforest, danger awaits . . . The dragonets of destiny aren't sure what to expect in the RainWing kingdom - Glory hopes to learn more about her family, and since the RainWings aren't fighting in the war...

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The Heaven Answer Book

The noted evangelist provides Bible-based answers to commonly asked questions about the existence and characteristics of heaven, what happens when people die, what they will do in heaven, who will get...

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The Kingdom Of God Is Within You

Banned in Russia, Tolstoy's The Kingdom of God Is Within You was deemed a threat to church and state. The culmination of a lifetime's thought, it espouses a commitment to Jesus's message of turning the other cheek. In a bold and original manner, Tols...

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What if Heaven and Earth weren't so far apart? What if your next-door neighbour was an angel? Kingdom presents the gospel narrative with a new twist. Discover Adam, Eve, Paul, and many other biblical ...

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The Third Kingdom

Compelling, fast-moving, and intense, The Third Kingdom is a powerful tale that welcomes new readers to Terry Goodkind's world, while opening up new vistas of worldbuilding for longtime readers of the...

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The Key Of The Kingdom

A collection of stories, legends, fairy tales, fables, and poems for young children, including Shakespeare, and Robert Herrick through Blake, Keats, and Tennyson, as well as anonymous authors of folk tales and old carols.

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The Kingdom Of God

Inspired by God and written with love. This age is soon coming to an end. Reading this book could change your life and cause you to live forever in the soon coming of the Kingdom of God.

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Ant Bee Kingdom

This book is especially for you my young friends. It is about Buddy Busy Bee and Goofy Driver Ant who lives in a beautiful place in Liberia, West Africa known as Ant-Bee Kingdom. The grass is plush an...

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Kingdom Come

2015. The United Kingdom's just discovered enough oil to guarantee prosperity for the next 100 years. The Government sees this as the final cog in its project to make the United Kingdom the enterprise capital of the world and to restore the country's...

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The Kingdom

A search for a missing father and son. A find that could rewrite human history. Sam and Remi Fargo aren’t about to give up on either. Sam and Remi Fargo return for the thrilling third adventure in t...

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Kingdom Man

When a man follows the principles of biblical manhood, those around him benefit from his leadership and care. Kingdom Man challenges and equips men to fully understand their position under God as well...

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My Kingdom Come

To a Mormon, happiness may be Family Home Evening, and families may be forever, but becoming an actual god is the ultimate goal of every member of the church. Mormons believe the reason for coming to ...

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The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom sheds new light on the cultural icon of "Uncle Walt." Watts digs deeply into Disney's private life, investigating his roles as husband, father, and brother and providing fresh insigh...

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Kensuke's Kingdom

When Michael is swept off his family's yacht, he washes up on a desert island, where he struggles to survive--until he finds he is not lone.

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The Lost Kingdom

A remarkable adventure by award-winning author Matthew J. Kirby brings a fantastical American West filled with secrets and spies and terrifying creatures to vivid life. In this extraordinary adventure story, Billy Bartram, his father, and a secret so...

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The Cultures Of His Kingdom

A study of the well known medieval royal chapel, constructed by Roger II, king of Sicily in the mid-twelfth century. Every major aspect of decoration and furnishing is examined and Tronzo argues that ...

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The Kingdom Of Matthias

In the autumn of 1834, New York City was awash with rumors of a strange religious cult operating nearby, centered around a mysterious, self-styled prophet named Matthias. It was said that Matthias the Prophet was stealing money from one of his follow...

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The Kingdom Agenda

Too many of us live segmented lives, with God residing in one of our many compartments, all of which focus on our own fulfillment. We often struggle because we want God to fulfill our agenda, not follow His. The Kingdom Agenda helps us re-prioritize ...

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