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Fundamentals Of Ceramics

Updated and improved, this revised edition of Michel Barsoum's classic text Fundamentals of Ceramics presents readers with an exceptionally clear and comprehensive introduction to ceramic science. Bar...

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Fundamentals Of Anaesthesia

Provides a comprehensive but easily readable account of all of the information required by the FRCA Primary examination candidate.

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Fundamentals Of IOS 8: With IPhone 6

Learn to use your the fundamentals of iOS 8 the easy way, no jargon. Clear, concise and to the point... iOS 8 is the latest release of Apple's mobile operating system and run on some cool little devices, and are widely used by both beginners and expe...

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Fundamentals Of Investing In Oil And Gas

This book opens a unique and rare perspective of the Oil and Gas industry that focuses on its history and the creation of the marketplace, how oil and gas are found, and a detailed explanation on the ...

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Fundamentals Of Natural Gas

Natural Gas has been called "the prince of hydrocarbons," an abundant resource that is versatile, competitive with other fuels and popular throughout the world. Newer technologies that can deliver nat...

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Fundamentals Of Oil & Gas Accounting

An excellent training manual and professional reference, this new edition is packed with examples, diagrams, and appendices. It has been completely updated to reflect the current issues facing oil and...

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Enterprise Web 2.0 Fundamentals

An introduction to next-generation web technologies This is a comprehensive, candid introduction to Web 2.0 for every executive, strategist, technical professional, and marketer who needs to understand its implications. The authors illuminate the tec...

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MBA Fundamentals Business Law

In MBA Fundamentals in Business Law, get the basics you need on labor law, contracts, e-commerce, and other legal matters to make smart business decisions. In this straightforward and useful guide, le...

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Android UI Fundamentals

Author Jason Ostrander walks developers through the different choices available on their way to creating a well-designed application for Android. While building a simple application, Jason works through the basics of Android UI development including ...

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This comprehensive and student friendly text gives a clear analysis of the fundamental aspects of the subject, starting from surface behaviour and contact phenomenon of interfacing surface. The book elaborates the types, specification and standardiza...

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Fundamentals Of Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is an upcoming discipline of Life Sciences. It is an integration of computer science, and mathematical and statistical methods to manage and analyze the biological data. The fundamental issues that directly impact an understanding of l...

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AudelHVAC Fundamentals

Your guide to keeping the heat on Whether you're an apprentice or a veteran HVAC technician, you know that technology changes and you need to keep up. This fully revised guidebook covers everything yo...

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Fundamentals Of Phonetics

The new edition of Small's Fundamentals of Phonetics offers a refreshingly unique and thorough practice-based approach to learning the skills necessary for expert phonetic transcription of individuals...

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Fundamentals Of Petroleum

Profusely illustrated, clearly written manual comprehensively covers the basics of and the latest developments in geology, exploration, leasing, drilling, production, transportation, refining and proc...

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Fundamentals Of Air Pollution

Fundamentals of Air Pollution is an important and widely used textbook in the environmental science and engineering community. This thoroughly revised fifth edition of Fundamentals of Air Pollution has been updated throughout and remains the most com...

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Market_Desc: · Primary audience: HVAC technicians, electricians, maintenance workers, contractors· Secondary audience: Apprentices and those in training for the HVAC trade Special Features: · The h...

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Fundamentals Of Insurance

FUNDAMENTALS OF INSURANCE, 2E combines hands-on activities, examples from news-making companies, creative special features, and solid content to give your students a full understanding of insurance. Extensive use of activities help students better un...

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Fundamentals Of Microbiology

Rev. ed. of: Alcamo's fundamentals of microbiology / Jeffrey C. Pommerville. c2011.

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Platform Fundamentals

Fundamentals is an introduction to the native functionality of the platform. This book walks the reader through the creation of a standard 

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Fundamentals Of Turbomachinery

A comprehensive introduction to turbomachines and their applications With up-to-date coverage of all types of turbomachinery for students and practitioners, Fundamentals of Turbomachinery covers machines from gas, steam, wind, and hydraulic turbines ...

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