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Fundamentals Of EMS, NMS And OSS/BSS

In this era where data and voice services are available at a push of a button, service providers have virtually limitless options for reaching their customers with value-added services. The changes in...

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SOA Fundamentals

SOA Fundamentals is not a pure technology book, but covers a wide range of topics including - SOA Concepts and Principles - Web Service Protocols - SOA Technology Infrastructure - Service Architecture...

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3ds Max 6 Fundamentals

An introduction to the latest version of the popular three-dimensional program explores the new features of 3ds max 6 and explains how to work efffectively through such production techniques as modeli...

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CFO Fundamentals

The thorough reference that goes wherever you go The Complete CFO Reference is the perfect up-to-date reference tool for today's busy CFO, controller, treasurer, and other finance professionals. Writt...

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Fundamentals Of Astrodynamics

Teaching text developed by U.S. Air Force Academy develops the basic two-body and n-body equations of motion; orbit determination; classical orbital elements, coordinate transformations; differential ...

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Mta Networking Fundamentals

98-366 Networking Fundamentals MTA Network Fundamentals 1 Test. L E S S O N 1. 98-366 IP applications often use this feature to test the behavior.

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Chemistry Fundamentals

Chemistry Fundamentals: An Environmental Perspective, Second Edition is designed as a liberal arts chemistry text for nonscience majors who have little or no previous knowledge of chemistry. Our prima...

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Fundamentals Of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing provides a sound appreciation of the fundamentals of the theory and practice of marketing. Using case studies drawn from a cross section of sectors, in particular the banking, hospitality, retail and public service sectors t...

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Fundamentals Of Investing

This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. Intended primarily for undergraduate college...

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Fundamentals Of Picoscience

Now ubiquitous in public discussions about cutting-edge science and technology, nanoscience has generated many advances and inventions, from the development of new quantum mechanical methods to far-reaching applications in electronics and medical dia...

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Anatomy Fundamentals

Laminated Study Guide Designed as a companion guide for Science Fundamentals 2: Life Science - Humans, this 2-panel (4-page) guide is written for students grades 5-8. Each major system of the human bo...

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Fundamentals And Techniques

Fundamentals and Techniques

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Fundamentals Of Geomorphology

This extensively revised and updated edition continues to present an engaging and comprehensive introduction to the subject, exploring the world’s landforms from a broad systems perspective. It reflects on the latest developments in the field and i...

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MBA Fundamentals Statistics

This book is written for people who use statistical information and data analysis to make business decisions

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MBA Fundamentals Strategy

Strategy is the cornerstone of any MBA program, and a critical part of any company's growth. In this Kaplan MBA Fundamentals guide, two Columbia professors who have consulted with Fortune 500 companie...

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Fundamentals Of Criminology

Fundamentals of Criminology: New Dimensions delivers a comprehensive and comprehensible introduction to the discipline of criminology. As the title implies, it covers the fundamentals of criminology, including the major theories of crime causation, c...

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Networking Fundamentals

Teaches the basic concepts and terminology of networking and is designed to prepare students for the Network+ Certification Exam.

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Fundamentals Of Midwifery

Fundamentals of Midwifery: A Textbook for Students makes the subject of midwifery accessible, informative and motivating, ensuring that it is an essential text for the aspiring midwife! This resource brings together knowledge from a collection of cli...

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EPPP Fundamentals


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Fundamentals Of Geophysics

This textbook presents a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles of geophysics. It combines applied and theoretical aspects of the subject, in contrast to most other geophysics textbooks ...

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