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The Jungle Book

An abridged retelling of the adventures of Mowgli, a boy reared by a pack of wolves, and the wild animals of the jungle. Includes discussion questions.

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A contemporary fable that shows how empowering people--zapping them--builds strong, enthusiastic employees and organizations dedicated to improving quality, sales, and productivity.

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Out Of The Jungle

"[T]he Teamsters, the largest A.F.L. affiliate... has been understudied... Russell's motives in seeking to redress this imbalance are certainly commendable." ?Maurice Isserman, The New York Times Book Review"[A] well-researched study of the longtime ...

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The Jungle

The Jungle is a 1906 novel written by the American journalist and novelist Upton Sinclair (1878–1968). Sinclair wrote the novel to portray the lives of immigrants in the United States. Many readers ...

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In The Jungle

Introduces the physical characteristics, behavior, and tracks of such jungle animals as the tiger, parrot, and chimpanzee.

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Welcome To The Jungle

Bipolar is currently the most commonly diagnosed emotional/psychiatric condition, and diagnosis tends to come when one is in one’s late teens or early 20s. And yet almost nothing has been written about it from eye level and a young person’s persp...

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Jungle Fever

The sinister "jungle"--that ill-defined and amorphous place where civilization has no foothold and survival is always in doubt--is the terrifying setting for countless works of the imagination. Films ...

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Grasshopper Jungle

Grasshopper Jungle is smart, cool and laconic contemporary young adult fiction. I read somewhere that human beings are genetically predisposed to record history. We believe it will prevent us from doi...

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The Birth Of A Jungle

According to the law of the jungle, the behavior of wild animals can be equated with natural human instincts not only for competition and reproduction, but also for violence and exploitation. Drawing on numerous novels and cultural events at the turn...

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Jungle Girl Vol. 1

Dynamite proudly presents Frank Cho's Jungle Girl! Overseen by co-writer and artist Frank Cho and infused the issue with everything Cho fans want to see - beautiful women, thrilling adventures, and, of course, dinosaurs - Jungle Girl also features Co...

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The Darkest Jungle

A vivid recollection of the treacherous 1850 journey across the Darien Gap recreates the starvation, disease, and exhaustion that dogged twenty-nine men during their trek across mountains and jungles....

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Jungle Girls

Here they are! The most fabulous and provocative creatures in the world of fiction, "Jungle Girls", from H. Rider Haggard's 'She' to Edgar Rice Burroughs' 'Jane" to Hedy Lamarr's 'Tondeleyo' to Silke'...

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What Is The Architect Doing In The Jungle?

This book explores contemporary arts-based research, exploring the interdisciplinary BiornaMetics project to create architecture defined by natural patterns. Biornametics interconnects scientific evid...

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Jungle Firestorm

When a Mumbai mob boss and terrorist, who deals in guns, drugs, prostitution, poaching and gambling, threatens to bring his war to the American streets, Mack Bolan must flush him out of hiding and send him running for the hills of Pakistan. Original.

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Jungle Rules

In a real-life saga of murder, justice, and the military in Vietnam, the author of Marine Sniper describes the case of Private Celestine Anderson, who came under fire from a group of racist white Mari...

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Jungle Beat

The perfect mix of music, creativity, and fun for music teachers, classroom teachers, and child care providers. Students will enjoy learning about the jungle and its creatures through captivating songs and activities. Includes many imaginative lesson...

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The Jungle Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair's The Jungle not only drew attention from the likes of Winston Churchill and President Theodore Roosevelt-it drew action. The novel's depiction of what takes place in a meat-processing ...

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Jungle Animal Origami

Explains how to create numerous jungle animals, including vultures, gorillas, lions, zebras, gazelles, and elephants.

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Writing The Urban Jungle

Much has been written about cultural imperialism and the effects of Britain and British culture on colonized people, but Joseph McLaughlin suggests that the influence worked both ways. Focusing on the relationship between the literature of British im...

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Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

A guide to reading "The Jungle" with a critical and appreciative mind. Includes background on the author's life and times, sample tests, term paper suggestions, and a reading list.

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