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John C. Calhoun

The conflict between power and liberty in a free government was the passionate concern of this most articulate, and often prophetic, orator and writer.

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The Calhoun Women

As the Calhoun sisters search for the emerald necklace hidden in the family's Maine mansion, they are unknowingly competing against someone with sinister intentions

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Up From Slavery

Up from Slavery is the 1901 autobiography of Booker T. Washington detailing his slow and steady rise from a slave child during the Civil War, to the difficulties and obstacles he overcame to get an ed...

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The Roman Law Of Slavery

Buckland's magisterial work of 1908 surveys in detail the principles of the Roman law regarding slavery.

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Between Slavery And Freedom

On August 1, 1834, more than 20,000 African slaves were emancipated in the British Caribbean. As in other areas of the British Empire, however, only slave children under six years of age were freed im...

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Questioning Slavery

James Walvin plots the story of black slavery and traces the intellectual and historical arguments which have swirled around its history in recent years. This comparative analysis of slavery in the English-speaking Americas offers new perspectives an...

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The Ideology Of Slavery

In one volume, these essentially unabridged selections from the works of the proslavery apologists are now conveniently accessible to scholars and students of the antebellum South. The Ideology of Sla...

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Slavery At Monticello

This insightful essay describes African American life at Monticello and Jefferson's role as a slaveholder. It includes a fold-out genealogy of the Fossett and Hemingway families.

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Stolen Into Slavery

Follows the remarkable story of Solomon Northup--a free black man who was kidnapped and forced into slavery--through his 12 years of bondage in Louisiana until friends from New York rescued him from a...

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Ending Slavery

Looks at the lives of people living as slaves today and proposes guidelines to rid the world of slavery.

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In The Shadow Of Slavery

"The black experience in the antebellum South has been thoroughly documented. But histories set in the North are few. In the Shadow of Slavery, then, is a big and ambitious book, one in which insights about race and class in New York City abound. Les...

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Technological Slavery

Theodore J. Kaczynski - a.k.a 'The Unabomber' - is notoriously famed as the mastermind behind one of the longest and most publicised terror campaigns in US history. Between 1978 and 1995, he sent 16 bombs to targets including universities, airlines a...

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Slavery Of Faith

Slavery Of Faith...the quietly kept story of a young woman's escape through the jungles of Jonestown, Guyana the morning of the massacre November 18, 1978 and her struggles to live in the aftermath. N...

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Speaking Of Slavery

"For Epstein, language is crucial to understanding slavery, for it preserves the hidden conditions of that institution. He begins his book by discussing the words used to conduct and describe slavery in Italy, from pertinent definitions given in earl...

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Beyond Mental Slavery

We all have unconscious reactive programs that determine many of our thoughts and decisions. Quick rationalizations provide obvious but untrue "reasons" for our beliefs and actions, biases prevent us ...

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Slavery In The Sudan

Originally published in Arabic and now available for the first time in English, this groundbreaking study offers a rare window into the history of slavery in the Sudan, with particular attention to th...

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Mastering Slavery

"Fleischner offers intricate, multilayered readings of nineteenth-century women's writings about the institution of slavery. In treatments of autobiographical accounts by former slaves, Fleischner tra...

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Slavery And The Culture Of Taste

It would be easy to assume that, in the eighteenth century, slavery and the culture of taste--the world of politeness, manners, and aesthetics--existed as separate and unequal domains, unrelated in th...

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Slavery In The United States

A comprehensive, contextual presentation of all aspects—social, political, and economic—of slavery in the United States, from the first colonization through Reconstruction.

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Abraham Lincoln And Slavery PDF

INCLUDING THE COMPLETE FIRST LESSON. Prepared for: America's History in the Making. Oregon Public Broadcasting. A B R A H A M. L I N C O L N. A N D.

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