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Jesus Freaks: Martyrs

There are more Christian martyrs today than there were in ad 100--in the days of the Roman Empire. Now in the twenty-first century, according to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, more t...

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The Jesus Lizard Book

Legendary indie rockers The Jesus Lizard present an idiosyncratic, impassioned book document of their rock and roll conquests.

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Eco Freaks

Tree-huggers may actually be squeezing the life out of the environment. In a book that is alternately alarming, enlightening, ironic, and entertaining, award-winning journalist John Berlau explores th...

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Freaks Of Nature

Two-legged goats, Siamese twins and Cyclops infants, these 'freaks of nature' have shocked and fascinated people for centuries. This book explores the reasons and the insights they are beginning to pr...

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Freaks Of Fortune

Until the nineteenth century, “risk” was a specialized term: it was the commodity exchanged in a marine insurance contract. Freaks of Fortune tells how the modern concept of risk emerged in the Un...

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Freaks And Geeks

"The first volume of Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Scripts collects the first nine shooting scripts (episodes 1-9), including deleted scenes and dialogue, of the Emmy Award-winning series, including ...

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Six Speed Freaks! Mustangs Plus

169.95 kit. 65. Mustang; Comet; Montego; 6 Cyl; w/Manual steer; (does not DISC BRAKE CONVERSION KITS . For automatic and manual transmission cars.

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Freaks, Geeks And Asperger Syndrome

Offers insights by a teenager with Asperger's syndrome into the difficulties of the disorder, including information on fascinations and obsessions, sensory perception, sleep, bullies, moral dilemmas, eating, and socializing.

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Scary Monsters And Super Freaks

A fascinating tour of the underside of pop culture chronicles the murder of porn star John Holmes, the assassination of Irish reporter Veronica Guerin, the life of "notorious" rapper Easy E. Winner, t...

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Fantasy Freaks And Gaming Geeks

Fantasy. Science fiction. Role-playing games. People around the globe turn away from the “real” world to inhabit others. Movie fan-freaks design costumes and collect Lord of the Rings action figur...

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Game Freaks 365's Video Game Guide 2011 By Kyle W. Bell

Resident Evil 5, Rock Band 3, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Split/Second, and . are brought back to life in 2D side-scrolling levels between worlds. fastest times possible; Gauntlet, a time-trial where the you must avoid .

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Your Own Jesus

Why do you feel close to God one minute and so far away the next? Why does your faith seem empty? Why is it so easy to compromise with the world? Perhaps it's because we have merely inherited someone ...

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Think Like Jesus

Unveiling new data showing that less than one out of every ten born-again adults knows the foundational truths of their faith well enough to "think like Jesus, " the author identifies seven core questions that Christians must be able to answer biblic...

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Jesus Is

A New York Times Best-Seller! Jesus is ____. How would you finish that sentence? The subject is there, and so is the verb, but what comes next? Your answer could shed light on the path to becoming who...

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Go Be Jesus

"Go Be Jesus is a moving collection of stories, quotes and insight intended to motivate and guide us towards using our unique gifts to serve others. God created us to serve and to have a ministry rega...

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Who Is Jesus . . . Really?

With over 40 million books sold, bestselling author Josh McDowell is no stranger to creatively presenting biblical truth. Now, partnering with fellow apologist Dave Sterrett, Josh introduces a new ser...

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Jesus Says Go

What does it mean to reach out to another culture? To leave friends and family? To use your training in a radically different way? To be a servant? Robin Wells provides practical and persuasive incent...

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Following Jesus

Following Jesus takes a deeper look at what serving Jesus means today. Bringing them back again and again to the life of Christ, it helps readers see how they can be gracious, wise, joyous, creative a...

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Jesus In 3D

Reading the Gospel stories of Jesus is for many of you not unlike watching a 3D movie without wearing 3D glasses. You can make out a few details and get a vague sense of what's going on, but the whole...

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Jesus 101

"In Jesus 101, Leigh Scheele draws upon her years of experiencing confusion and frustration in dealing with unanswered questions about the Christian faith. Her congenial seven-chapter book contains sh...

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