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James Robinson

Fighting an secret alien war on Earth, the WildC.A.T.s - Lord Emp, Spartan, Grifter, Zealot, Voodoo, Maul and Warblade - are a group of human/alien hybrids with incredible powers! Fresh from their ini...

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James Robinson Johnston

James Robinson Johnston, known as "Lawyer Johnston" to many, is an important figure in Nova Scotian history: not only was he the first Black graduate of Dalhousie University, he was the first Black gr...

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James Robinson Graves

The first new biography in more than eighty years of James Robinson Graves (1820-1893), a noted Southern Baptist who staked distinct denominational boundaries through what is known as Landmarkism.

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Plays By James Robinson Planché

James Robinson Planché was one of the most prolific and successful of nineteenth-century playwrights. In a career spanning fifty years he wrote over one hundred and eighty pieces of all types, from p...

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Facebook FAQ New Facebook 'Download Your Information

Facebook FAQ . New Facebook 'Download Your Information' Feature - 10/06/10 ;

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The Correspondence Of James Boswell With James Bruce And Andrew Gibb

The Correspondence of James Boswell with James Bruce and Andrew Gibb, Overseers of the Auchinleck Estate

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A Companion To James Madison And James Monroe

A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe features essays from leading academics that consider various aspects of the lives and legacies of our fourth and fifth presidents. Provides historians and...

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Jackie Robinson

Profiles the first African American to play baseball in the Major League.

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Rickey And Robinson

Blending exclusive interviews with Rachel Robinson, Mack Robinson (Jackie's brother), Hall of Famers Monte Irvin, Duke Snider, Pee Wee Reese, Roy Campanella, Ralph Kiner and others, celebrated author ...

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Who Was Jackie Robinson?

As a kid, Jackie Robinson loved sports. And why not? He was a natural at football, basketball, and, of course, baseball. But beyond athletic skill, it was his strength of character that secured his pl...

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Tony Robinson

A biography of motor racing mechanic Tony Robinson, who worked with some of the great names of the sport in the 1950s and '60s.

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Robinson Crusoe

From its first publication in 1719, Robinson Crusoe has been printed in over 700 editions. It has inspired almost every conceivable kind of imitation and variation, and been the subject of plays, oper...

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Robinson In Space

Elizabeth A. Kaye specializes in communications as part of her coaching and consulting practice. She has edited Requirements for Certification since the 2000-01 edition.

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Thank You, Jackie Robinson

After Sam's father died, he became so wrapped up in the Brooklyn Dodgers that he could describe every game they'd played in the past four years. Nobody was very interested, until Sam met Davy. They ca...

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On Facebook Now!

On Facebook now! Win a free tank driving experience!! Search for the TANK.HU page on Facebook: and LIKE us: Two times every year, we select a 

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The Swiss Family Robinson

The Swiss Family Robinson tells the story of a Swiss family who are shipwrecked in the East Indies. First published in 1812, Johann David Wyss intended the novel to teach his sons family values and and self-reliance. The adventures in the book contai...

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Tamime And Robinson's Yoghurt

Previous editions of Yoghurt: Science and Technology established the text as an essential reference underpinning the production of yoghurt of consistently high quality. The book has been completely revised and updated to produce this third edition, w...

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Facebook For Dummies

The perennial bestseller—now updated to cover the latest features of Facebook Facebook is forever evolving, with the goal of improved user interaction. This new edition catches you up on the latest ...

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Facebook Cookbook

Want to build Facebook applications that truly stand out among the thousands already available? In addition to providing easy-to-follow recipes that offer practical ways to design and build scalable applications using the Facebook Platform and its ne...

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Facebook Fairytales

Once upon a time there was an online social network called Facebook, and it brought together people from all over the globe, helping them to reignite romances, launch careers, and even find organ dono...

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