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The Relations Of Milton Snavely Hershey

2003 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of Hershey, PA. This book details over five thousand relations of Milton Hershey - most of them from the Central Pennsylvania region. This volume is 5...

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Examines the life of the head of the chocolate factory empire, describing his fatherless upbringing by a strict Mennonite mother, his failures with two early candy companies, and his construction of t...

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Chocolate By Hershey

Chocolate by Hershey (PB)

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Hershey Setup Cover 5 5x8 5 Bkk 2l Bose

8 – English WELCOME Wall mounting kit The speaker array can be mounted on the wall. If you wish to do this, contact Bose to purchase the WB-135 Wall Mount Kit.

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The Mystery In Chocolate Townhershey, Pennsylvania Teacher's Guide

"It was the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Pennsylvania town of Hershey-home of the world-famous Hershey Chocolate Factory! Christina, Grant, Mimi and Papa visit the Sweetest Place on Earth one cold February week to do research for Mimi's n...

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Being Alive

Tim Ingold sets out to restore life to where it should belong, at the heart of anthropological concern.

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Still Alive

Now in paperback, the acclaimed Holocaust memoir declared "a book of breathtaking honesty and extraordinary insight.""--"LA Times"

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Man Alive

You don't have to settle for half alive. Patrick Morley's groundbreaking book, "Man Alive," shows men how to channel their seven primal needs into a powerful, transformed life. This DVD companion to h...

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LOST 1972. A plane has crashed in the Andes mountains. The passengers are hopelessly lost in one of the most isolated places on earth. ABANDONED Almost three months later, two of the survivors, emacia...

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Tarzan Alive

Through the tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs, generations of readers have thrilled to the adventures of Lord Greystoke (aka John Clayton, but better known as Tarzan of the Apes). In this biography Philip...

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It's Time To Come Alive

In this book the author brings to light man's deep inner need for spiritual wisdom in life and helps the reader develop a new sense of reality that is based on love, power and compassion. He describes our relationship with the natural world in detail...

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How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive

The nineteenth edition of this classic automotive manual helps dedicated VW owners fight the war against rust, body rot, and engine failure to keep their prized cars alive, with advice on caring for B...

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Stayin' Alive

An epic account of how middle-class America hit the rocks in the political and economic upheavals of the 1970s, this wide-ranging cultural and political history rewrites the 1970s as the crucial, pivotal era of our time. Jefferson Cowie’s edgy and ...

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Technically Alive


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Cut Dead But Still Alive

There is hope beyond the strange and bitter cup of African American manhood."

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Buried Alive

A true-life adventure sure to shock as well as inspire. AK47s, masked thugs, and brutal urgency erupt from Roy Hallums' account of his abduction in Iraq, shredding through those frequently sterile cab...

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Scripture Alive

The 16 Bible-based role-plays in this book offer engaging, enjoyable, and effective ways to help young people form their conscience in light of the Scriptures. The role-plays place young people in relevant and current situations in which attitudes ar...

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Keep Your Brain Alive

Offers unusual tasks designed to stimulate brain cell growth

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Staying Alive

"Examining the position of women in relation to nature - the forests, the food chain and water supplies - the author links the violation of nature with the violation and marginalization of women, espe...

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Soldiers Alive

When the editors of Chuo koron, Japan's leading liberal magazine, sent the prize-winning young novelist Ishikawa Tatsuzo to war-ravaged China in early 1938, they knew the independent-minded writer wou...

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