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Thanks to its ability to innovate, the developed world will always have a distinct advantage over the developing world, right? Not according to leading management experts Nirmalya Kumar and Phanish Pu...
Title India Inside
Category Business & Economics
Author Nirmalya Kumar
Publisher Harvard Business Press
Pub Date 2013-12-30
Number of Page 224
ISBN 9781422142400
Read 25
Last Read 2014-11-05 04:38:44
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Proceedings Of The International Conference On Information Systems Design And Intelligent

This volume contains the papers presented at India-2012: International conference on Information system Design and Intelligent Applications held on January 5-7, 2012 in Vishakhapatnam, India. This conference was organized by Computer Society of India...

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Renault Fluence Brochure Hyundai Car In India, Hyundai Car In India

The new Renault Fluence wastes no time in taking your breath away. The Renault Fluence comes with 16" alloy . CVT WITH MANUAL MODE (6 speed).

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A New India?

This volume critically examines the notion of a ‘new’ India by acknowledging that India is changing remarkably and by indicating that in the overzealous enthusiasm about the new India, there is co...

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India & Beyond

Of the StoryBackground of the Story; Interpreting Literary Texts; Analysis; Conclusion; References; Notes; VI. Building Blocks or Useful Fictions: Changing View of Morphology in Ancient Indian Thought; 1. Early Vedic Thought; 1.1. Components of Speec...

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The India Way

Exploding growth. Soaring investment. Incoming talent waves. India's top companies are scoring remarkable successes on these fronts - and more. How? Instead of adopting management practices that dominate Western businesses, they're applying fresh pra...

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A history of the art and civilization of India includes discussions of sculpture, jewelry, painting, and illustrated manuscripts

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Mysticism In India

Mysticism in India is a complete and informative description of the teachings, works, and lives of the great poet-saints of Maharashtra written by a scholar and professor who was also a mystic. Jnaneshwar, Namadev, Tukaram, Eknath, Ramdas, and the ot...

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India And Pakistan

In This Discussion Published As A Monograph, Haqqani And Tellis Highlight Key Issues They Raised In Their Respective Visits To Pakistan And India To Enable Them To Assess Whether The Vajpayee-Musharra...

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India Today

Containing almost 250 entries written by scholars from around the world, this two-volume resource provides current, accurate, and useful information on the politics, economics, society, and cultures o...

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Planet India

India is everywhere: on magazine covers and cinema marquees, at the gym and in the kitchen, in corporate boardrooms and on Capitol Hill. Through incisive reportage and illuminating analysis, Mira Kamd...

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