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Industrial Network Security

Nowadays one only needs to read the newspaper headlines to appreciate the importance of Industrial Network Security. Almost daily an article comes out describing the threat to our critical infrastruct...

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Modern Industrial Organization

Written by two of the field's most respected researchers, Modern Industrial Organization goes beyond the traditional structure-conduct-performance framework by using the latest advances in microeconom...

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Industrial Control Systems

Issues such as logistics, the coordination of different teams, and automatic control of machinery become more difficult when dealing with large, complex projects. Yet all these activities have common ...

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Downstream Industrial Biotechnology

An affordable, easily accessible desk reference on biomanufacturing, focused on downstream recovery and purification Advances in the fundamental knowledge surrounding biotechnology, novel materials, a...

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Industrial Data Communications

Following the boom in networking and data communications advancements throughout industry, this fourth edition of an ISA best-seller gives technical professionals who have little or no background in d...

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Industrial Ecology And The Automobile

The authors explore challenges in designing a car with the environment in mind, this discussion should be viewed in terms of all technology and is of interest to a wide variety of audiences. This book...

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Electrical Wiring Industrial

ELECTRICAL WIRING INDUSTRIAL, 14th Edition, fully updated to reference the 2011 National Electrical Code, will guide your students step-by-step through the wiring of an entire industrial building. Thi...

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The Industrial Electronics Handbook

From traditional topics that form the core of industrial electronics, to new and emerging concepts and technologies, The Industrial Electronics Handbook, in a single volume, has the field covered. Now...

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U. S. Industrial Outlook, 1994

Highlights U.S. industrial activities and features: economic assumptions; recent financial performance of U.S. manufacturing corporations; the U.S. export boom and economic growth; highlights of the 1...

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Industrial And Process Furnaces

Furnaces sit at the core of all branches of manufacture and industry, so it is vital that these are designed and operated safely and effi-ciently. This reference provides all of the furnace theory nee...

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Moody's Industrial Manual

Covering New York, American & regional stock exchanges & international companies.

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Industrial Process Scale Up

This book will help industrial process innovators in research, development and commercial start-up to assess the risks of commercial-scale implementation and provide them with practical guidelines and...

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Ore Geology And Industrial Minerals

Much new data and many new ideas have emerged in the area of ore geology and industrial minerals since publication of the second edition of this text in 1987. The overriding philosophy behind this new...

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Industrial Utilization Of Surfactants

Annotation Intended for technologists selecting a surfactant for use in some process or product, this guide provides information on the relationship between the chemical structure of the surfactant an...

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Industrial Centrifugation Technology

The first comprehensive reference on all aspects of industrial centrifugation technology This practical resource offers detailed coverage of fluid particle separation in centrifuges, examining equipme...

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History Of Industrial Gases

From the reviews: "Almqvist's book is a tour de force, which gives insight, not only into the historical development of the gas production industries, but also in new technologies, such as gas welding...

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The Theory Of Industrial Organization

The Theory of Industrial Organization is the first primary text to treat the newindustrial organization at the advanced-undergraduate and graduate level. Rigorously analytical andfilled with exercises...

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Industrial Control Electronics

This new edition continues to provide state-of-the-art coverage of the entire spectrum of industrial control, from servomechanisms to instrumentation. Material on the components, circuits, instruments...

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Industrial Fire Brigade

Fire Fighters Working Within An Industrial Fire Brigade Must Possess Professional Competencies Not Required Of Other Response Personnel. Based On NFPA 1081, Standard For Industrial Fire Brigade Member...

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Advances In Industrial Ergonomics VI

Topics Include: applications of engineering anthropometry, postural strain and discomfort, industrial injury prevention, manual materials handling, and ergonomics of rehabilitation and healthcare syst...

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