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In The Footsteps Of The Prophet

A thoughtful biography of the prophet Muhammad by a renowned Islamic scholar reexamines the life and wisdom of one of the world's most influential figures, relating key events in the prophet's life to...

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Ismael, a 47-year-old biracial son of a white mother and black father, and Sarah, a 49-year-old white daughter of the racist South, have been married 26 years and have accepted Islam together. When Sa...

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In Godzilla's Footsteps

These essays consider the Godzilla films and how they shaped and influenced postwar Japanese culture, as well as the globalization of Japanese pop culture icons. There are contributions from Film Stud...

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Lost Footsteps

At the heart of Ana Popescu's existence is the love for her son. He is the only thing that makes life in Ceausescu's Romania tolerable. In their mean little flat they have created a private world in which no harm can come to them. But Ana is haunted ...

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In The Footsteps Of Robert E. Lee

Using interesting anecdotes, the author of "Civil War Blunders" traces the life of Robert E. Lee, from his boyhood in Arlington through his military career in the Confederacy to his final resting plac...

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When seventeen-year-old Ela of Parne is called by the Infinite to be his prophet, she initially cannot understand why she has been selected, but after experiencing his presence she willingly agrees to bring his word to a war-torn nation.

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After The Prophet

Explains the origins of the Shia and Sunni conflict, describing how a seventh-century struggle between the supporters of the late Muhammad's family members erupted in a massacre at Karbala that became...

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The Prophet

Two brothers with a shared tragic past, caused by a two-second decision that haunts them both. One decides to avenge it. The other, to forgive. Both will pay for their choices - more than they could e...

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A Prophet's Heart

Have you ever wondered how false prophets become false prophets? The enemy seeks to pervert prophetic voices at every turn ? but he can only use what?s in us. Serious character issues left unaddressed...

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Freedom’s Prophet

An Interview with the Author on the History News Network A Founding Father with a Vision of Equality: Richard Newman's op-ed in The Philadelphia Inquirer Author Spotlight in The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle "Gold" Winner of the 2008 Foreword Maga...

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Unveiling The Prophet

In the autumn of 1972, Lucy Ferriss, then a college student in California, was preparing for the Veiled Prophet Ball at which she was to be presented to St. Louis society. Once the largest cotillion in the country, the invitation-only ball was unique...

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The Prophet's Ascension

The tales of the mi'raj describe the prophet Muhammad's journey through the heavens, his encounters with prophets and angels, and his visit to heaven and hell. The tales are among Islam's most popular...

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The Prophet Of Yonwood

It’s 50 years before the settlement of the city of Ember, and the world is in crisis. War looms on the horizon as 11-year-old Nickie and her aunt travel to the small town of Yonwood, North Carolina....

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Prophet Margin

Strontium Dog: Prophet Margin Warped by the twisted effects of Strontium 90 fallout, mutants are a victimised underclass on Earth. Denied normal work, many have taken on the one job that is too dirty ...

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The Prophet Margin

Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha, is on the hunt for the uber-hedonist and crimelord "Mister Grinn". Alpha discovers that Grinn is hiding from the law on a remote swamp world where he plans to conduct a ma...

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Shadows Of The Prophet

This is the first in-depth study of the Malay martial art, silat, and the first ethnographic account of the Haqqani Islamic Sufi Order. Drawing on 12 years of research and practice in Malaysia, Singapore, and England, social anthropologist and martia...

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America's Prophet

An exploration of how the story of Moses has influenced American history traces the biblical figure's role in inspiring change, from the Pilgrims' journey and the visions of the Founding Fathers to th...

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W. E. B. Du Bois, American Prophet

Pioneering historian, sociologist, editor, novelist, poet, and organizer, W. E. B. Du Bois was one of the foremost African American intellectuals of the twentieth century. While Du Bois is remembered ...

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Prophet Muhammad S And His Family

Though over the past 1400 years, thousand of books have been written on the different aspects of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (S). Even then it cannot claim to be true and exhaustive picture of hi...

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The Prophet Jonah Play

The Prophet Jonah Play. Script by Shawn Cunningham. Cast. Jonah might get a few cheaply at a second-hand store) can be used in the same way to add .

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