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Vampires Waterstones

Guilty Pleasures. Laurell K Hamilton. This is the fantastically addictive first Anita Blake. Vampire Hunter novel. 'I don't date vampires. I kill them.' An irresistible 

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Caught Waterstones Mmp

A reporter's investigative work has resulted in a man being taken into custody in front of a shocked television audience. But months later, she realizes she may have unwittingly been part of a grand m...

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New Cinematographers

"Based on extensive interviews and research, this book looks at the work of six of the most important cinematographers of recent years from around the world. For each cinematographer, there is a detai...

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Sony EReader Testing Waterstones

Over 70% of reported faults with Sony eReaders are actually user error the optional Sony AC Adaptor. . Press the reset button on your device (please refer to your manual to locate this) . (On the PRS505, do not wait 35-40 seconds,.

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Conversations With Cinematographers

In Conversations with Cinematographers, David Ellis has assembled interviews with some of the most influential and highly regarded cameramen of the last half century and more. While their names may not be known by the general public, these men and th...

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Five American Cinematographers

These interviews give us new insight into [cinematographers'] special field of filmmaking....Excellent period photos of the craftsmen at work are important additions to the comments. The selection of ...

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Hands On Manual For Cinematographers

The "Hands On" Manual for Cinematographers contains a wealth of information, theory, diagrams and tables on all aspects of cinematography. Widely recognised as the "Cinematographer's Bible" the book is organised in a unique manner for easy reference ...

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Consensus Through Conversation

Real organizational change isn't brought about by decree, pressure, permission, or even persuasion. Sustained change comes when people are passionately and personally committed to a future that they h...

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A Brief Conversation With My Hair

A collection of short "literary" humor pieces previously published on the internet at McSweeney's, Yankee Pot Roast, The Big Jewel, The Science Creative Quarterly, and others. Also features two previo...

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Intercultural Conversation

This innovative study of naturally-occurring English conversations between Hong Kong Chinese and their native English friends and colleagues makes a worthwhile contribution to the research literature on intercultural conversation. Through analyzing d...

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Join The Conversation

With the continued fragmentation of the media and proliferation of media options, the balance of power has shifted from the marketer to the individual. In Join the Conversation, Jaffe discusses the ch...

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The Art Of Focused Conversation

The best 'how-to' for encouraging consensus in firms and organizations.

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Conversation Marketing

Conversation Marketing provides a single model to tie together all aspects of Internet marketing: design, copywriting, search engines, analytics and more.

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Confident Conversation

Communication is an art, and anyone--whether shy or outgoing--can improve his or her conversational skills. In Confident Conversation, Mike Bechtle offers a straightforward guide to making good conver...

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Bridge Is A Conversation

"Bridge Is a Conversation" is a guide to bridge fundamentals for players who already have an understanding of the basics of the game and the desire to improve their competitiveness at the bridge table...

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I Am Second Conversation Guide

Across the United States and the world, hundreds of thousands of people are proclaiming a new anthem: “I Am Second.” They have discovered that God has a plan for their life, a plan that starts wit...

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The Handbook Of Conversation Analysis

Presenting a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of theoretical and descriptive research in the field, The Handbook of Conversation Analysis brings together contributions by leading international experts to provide an invaluable information reso...

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Same Kind Of Different As Me Conversation Guide

If you were astounded by the unlikely true story of a life-changing friendship in Same Kind of Different as Me, you can now go deeper into the story and its powerful themes with the Same Kind of Diffe...

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Applied Conversation Analysis

Each of us is highly skilled at designing our turns at talk, and meshing them with those of the people around us. Conversation Analysis (CA) is the study of just how that is done, and how the choreogr...

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Conversation And Brain Damage

How do people with brain damage communicate? How does the partial or total loss of the ability to speak and use language fluently manifest itself in actual conversation? How are people with brain dama...

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