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Richard Armstrong and Kirk Morledge present this practical guide for pastoral ministry, offering counsel about a wide range of topics related to a pastor's professional ministry and personal life. Top...
Title Help! I'm A Pastor
Category Religion
Author Richard Stoll Armstrong
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press
Pub Date 2005
Number of Page 216
ISBN 066422895X
Read 637
Last Read 2014-10-20 19:44:51
Tags Matt Jensen Pastor, Pastor Troy For President, Bonus Pastor Open Day, Bonus Pastor Pastorale, President Obama's Pastor

Pastor Orientation Manual The Pastor Network

Pastors Orientation Manual 2013/2014. 1 . Davis, Events and Planning; Bishop William Murphy, Jr., Intercessory Prayer; Bishop Andy C. Lewter, Christian .

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On Being A Pastor

The calling to the pastorate is one fraught with perils and privileges. The urgent needs of the church often cause dismissal of personal soul issues. And he who isn't 'fed' will find it hard to 'feed' others. Alistair Begg and Derek Prime have been s...

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Confissoes De Um Pastor

'Como é possível? Eu, um homem de Deus, ministro do evangelho, vivendo dessa maneira? E se a igreja descobrir aquele pecado do qual não consigo me livrar? A quem estou enganando? Quando vou tomar c...

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Pastor And President

After serving three years in WWII, during a year of law school, David Preus found himself living in a family of Preus pastors who were talking theology. At the end of the year he knew himself “to be...

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The Renegade Pastor

Break out of the trap of average and pursue God’s best for your ministry. The average church in America is declining by 9% every year, behind on budget and unable to move forward with the kingdom pl...

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The Pastor Bonus

From earliest times the Western Church has fiercely debated questions about the place of the ministry within the Church and Church government. What requirements should be met by candidates for holy or...

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Dinner With The Pastor

This book is filled with everyday recipes and spiritual insights. Recipes include my own creations as well as recipes from family, friends, coaches' hospitality rooms, fellow teachers, etc. My unique ...

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Bishop With A Pastor's Heart

The mid-twentieth century was one of the most challenging and changing seasons for the modern church, and no one was better suited to lead and inspire at that time than Kenneth W. Copeland. This dynam...

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The Interim Pastor's Manual

This book is a guide through the problems and possibilities of interim ministry in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) It is full of biblical and theological insight as well as practical wisdom.

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Pastor John Corbly

John Corbally, a fourteen-year-old Irish lad, emigrated to America in 1747 as the fledgling Baptist religion was being introduced into the Province of Virginia in opposition to the King's Church of En...

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