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I Hate This Place

From the Grammy-nominated star of "Saturday Night Live" and his equally talented sister comes a delightfully cynical look at life through a half-full glass. Line art throughout.

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I Hate To Leave This Beautiful Place

A memoir details the haunting and redemptive events of the author's life, covering such topics as his con-man father's betrayal, the murder-suicide of a houseguest, and his decade spent in the Arctic as a translator of Inuit tales.

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The Joy Of Hate

From the irreverent star of Fox News’s Red Eye and The Five, hilarious observations on the manufactured outrage of an oversensitive, wussified culture. Greg Gutfeld hates artificial tolerance. At th...

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I Hate Everyone

It's true: Misery does love company. But what kind of company can you keep if you can't stand anyone? This kind. No matter who they are or what they do that sets you off and gets you going, you'll fin...

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Why We Hate

Are we born with a propensity to hate, or is it something we learn? Both enlightening and insightful, this momentous and timely work offers hope that civilized human beings can come to grips with an a...

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I Hate Everything

I hate that I'm going bald. I hate that I still make fun of bald people. I hate karma. Amateur haters, step aside. Time to learn what it really means to be miserable. Because this guy hates everything. From hating the little irks that happen now and ...

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The Nature Of Hate

What is hate and why is there so much of it? How does it originate, and what can we do about it? This book opens with a discussion of how hate makes its presence felt in the real world, discussing various definitions and theories of hate. Next it des...

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I Can Make You Hate

Would you like to eat whatever you want and still lose weight? Who wouldn't? Keep dreaming, imbecile. In the meantime, if you'd like to read something that alternates between laugh-out-loud-funny and apocalyptically angry, keep holding this book. Ste...

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Preachers Of Hate

"Since September 11 a political faultline has revealed itself in Europe. The far right - for sixty years no more than a stinging reminder of the atrocities of Nazi Germany - has dramatically resurface...

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Punishing Hate

Punishing Hate examines the nature of bias-motivated violence and provides a foundation for understanding bias crimes and their treatment under the U.S. legal system. In this book, Frederick Lawrence ...

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Why Men Hate Going To Church


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I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down

William Gay firmly established himself as "the big new name to include in the storied annals of Southern Lit" (Esquire) with his debut novel, The Long Home, and his critically acclaimed follow-up, Provinces of Night. Like Faulkner's Mississippi and C...

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I Hate People!

Face it, whether your company has 10 employees or 10,000, you must grapple with people you can't stand in the office. Luckily Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon have written I HATE PEOPLE!, a smart, co...

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I Love My Work . . . But, I Hate My Job

"I Love My Work...But, I Hate My Job" will provide something of interest for every member of the workforce, from those in positions of power, to those assigned to the maintenance function of the organ...

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I Hate To Leave On A Cloudy Day

Each day brings its own unique circumstances, challenges, and opportunities. What we do with each situation we face will bring more peace and serenity if we let our passions be part of our response. In reality, how we live each day is often the resul...

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Zombies Hate Stuff

Zombies hate clowns. They also hate hippies, not to mention zip lines, penguins, moon penguins, nudists, weddings, sharing, and kittens. They really hate unicorns, strangely don't mind Canadians, and ...

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Why Americans Hate Politics

In this new edition of his national bestseller, E. J. Dionne brings up to date his influential proposals for a politics that can and must find a balance between rights and obligations, between responsibility and compassion. From the New, Updated Intr...

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52 Reasons To Hate My Father

Being America’s favorite heiress is a dirty job…but someone’s gotta do it. Lexington Larrabee has never had to work a day in her life. After all, she’s the heiress to the multi-billion-dollar ...

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Penguins Hate Stuff

Penguins hate zombies. They also hate serpents, bad haircuts, sock monkeys, leprechauns, Halloween, oil rigs, vampire penguins, and mermaids. They really hate clowns, but they really like capes, ballo...

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Young People In Love And In Hate

This book is about boyfriends and girlfriends - getting them, keeping them and moving on from them. Young people put enormous energy into these processes: they worry, they hope, they conspire and they...

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