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Selling The Wheel

Selling the Wheel is a fascinating story about sales and marketing written in the form of an ancient parable: Once upon a time, long ago, a resourceful fellow named Max came up with a brilliant idea and invented the Wheel. But human beings, who had b...

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Selling With Soul

The ability to sell yourself and your ideas may be the most essential skill for achieving business success. Even so, society demeans selling and salespeople, perpetuating stereotypes that make us crin...

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Relevant Selling

Many companies lament that price pressure has destroyed their margins and market share. Sales people are often convinced that price is their only tiebreaker., i>Relevant Selling" was written by an awa...

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Fundamentals Of Selling

Fundamentals of Selling, 13e trains readers on a detailed, yet broad, step-by-step selling process that is universal in nature. Numerous sales personnel in the industry today have commented on how thi...

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Selling Luxury

Praise for Selling Luxury "Geneviève and Robin have brought together their talents to create a book that gives all Sales Ambassadors the fundamentals in selling and building customer loyalty." —Hamida Belkadi, CEO, De Beers Diamond Jewellers, USA ...

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The Art Of Short Selling

Explains the advantages and disadvantages of short selling and tells how to examine financial statements and balance sheets to determine which companies are likely candidates

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Selling Sickness

'Selling Sickness' reveals how widening the boundaries of illness and lowering the threshold for treatments is creating millions of new patients and billions in new profits, in turn threatening to ban...

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What Is Short Selling?

Despite what many investors believe, short selling can be a risk-averse strategy for traders and investors alike. What Is Short Selling? provides a complete introduction to the basics and nuances of s...

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Short Selling

The latest theoretical and empirical evidence on short selling in the United States and throughout the world To get the most success out of what the finance community regards as a risky business, short sellers need high-level information. The Theory ...

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Selling Old Books The New Dot Com Way

You can be part of the Internet bookselling explosion! Learn the ABC''s of online book sales in the used, rare, and out of print market.

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Selling All In One For Dummies

Tried-and-true information and tips for selling like a pro Are you looking to enter the world of sales, or are you already a salesperson who's looking for new tips and tactics to expand your business?...

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Selling The Dream

Guy Kawasaki's phenomenal success at Apple Computer and as a start-up entrepreneur was the result of an innovative approach to sales, marketing, and management called evangelism. Evangelism means conv...

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Selling Rights

Selling Rights covers the full range of potential rights, from same-language territorial rights, bookclub and paperback sales through to serial rights, dramatization, documentaries, electronic publishing and multimedia. Owen provides full details of ...

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The Art Of Influencing And Selling

This book will help you to use tried and tested no-fuss sales techniques to approach prospective customers and clients without them wanting to run a mile! We'll give you the confidence to write and de...

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Mindless Selling

Kurlan examines why most sales books don't work for those who read them, and ways to change pre-conceived notions about selling.

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Baseline Selling

MINDY WASHINGTON has been listening to dogs' secrets for most of her life. These confidences have rarely been shared with others; but now, with the persuasion and encouragement of her friends, Ms. Washington has gathered together some of the most poi...

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Exceptional Selling

Praise for Exceptional Selling "Thull's leading-edge thinking makes this book extraordinary. This straightforward guide to communicating across all cultures with credibility and respect will give you ...

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Ziglar On Selling

Drawing on his more than forty years of sales experience, master motivator Zig Ziglar provides a wealth of inspirational and practical information for making it in today's fast-paced selling world. Zi...

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Visual Selling

Visual Selling provides salespeople with tools to sell in an increasingly image-oriented culture. More so than ever before, the way a salesperson looks and acts, the images on a screen or in handouts,...

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Perfect Selling

The USA Today and New York Times Bestseller! Meet your sales objective and close more business in 20 minutes a day CONNECT with your customer immediately EXPLORE customer needs thoroughly and quickly LEVERAGE your solutions persuasively RESOLVE your ...

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