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Selling Yourself To Others

This comprehensive guide to selling uses state-of-the-art concepts of suggestion, hypnosis, and nonverbal communication.

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Selling To The Top

Recommends that salespeople target the key decision-makers in a company, and provides advice on identifying, approaching, and appealing successfully to such individuals

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The Selling Of Dsm

When it was first published in 1980, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Third Edition--univer-sally known as DSM-III--embodied a radical new method for identifying psychiatric illness. Kirk and Kutchins challenge the general u...

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Selling To Win

Richard Denny is the 'godfather of salesmanship' and Selling to Win has established itself as both an international best-seller and a classic sales text. The most inspirational business speaker in the UK, Richard has helped countless thousands of sal...

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Selling Your Car

Filled with simple and expert techniques, this unique book will help you give your car a stunning makeover to boost its sale value. Features advice on professional-standard cleaning, repairing scratches, improving paintwork, repairs, photography and ...

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The Selling Fox

A follow-up to the author's highly successful Power Base Selling. Ideal for any kind of salesperson.

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This book explores the cutting edge of persuasive selling that can transform salespeople into superstars.

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Selling Shaker

The simple yet striking lines of Shaker design grace much of the furniture we see in high-end department stores, and beautiful examples of it adorn the pages of Architectural Digest and House Beautiful. How did this style evolve from its origins in a...

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Selling Tradition

Examining one of this century's most prominent "folk revivals"--the reemergence of Southern Appalachian handicraft traditions in the 1930s--Jane Becker unravels the complex network of individuals and groups that helped to redefine Appalachian craft p...

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Selling For Dummies

Being a successful salesperson isn’t only useful in a traditional sales role. Whether you want to sell a new product to a business, an idea to an investor, or yourself in an interview, this book pro...

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Selling Your Business

Selling Your Business: A Practical Guide to Getting It Done Right engages business owners with storytelling-narrating readers through a tour of successful and unsuccessful business transactions. Whether it is the unpacking of the life cycle of a deal...

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Selling The Invisible

SELLING THE INVISIBLE is a succinct and often entertaining look at the unique characteristics of services and their prospects, and how any service, from a home-based consultancy to a multinational bro...

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Selling Sucks

Praise for Selling Sucks "Whew! A terrific new book that blows the lid off the old-school methods of selling-which don't work anymore-and shows you how to make sales almost like magic! I love this boo...

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ZenWise Selling

Calmness, confidence, and mindfulness are three Zen values that this instructive sales handbook teaches business professionals to integrate into their customer relationships. Essential sales skills su...

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How To Master The Art Of Selling

A revised and updated edition of How to master the art of selling, which educates on how to succeed in sales, including new information on using the latest research techniques and using e-mail and onl...

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The Inner Game Of Selling

Arguing that salespeople perform more in accordance with their own belief systems than by practicing closing techniques and sales gimmicks, a guide to overcoming self-image-related obstacles shares strategies for building confidence, creating value, ...

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Smarter Selling

This book shows readers the smarter way to sell -by building trusted consultative relationships with their customers. Whatever you are selling, this book will help you do it better, and feel better ab...

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The New Solution Selling

THE MARKET-PROVEN PRINCIPLES OF SOLUTION SELLING FOR TODAY'S HIGH-SPEED, HIGHER-PRESSURE SALES ENVIRONMENT The long-awaited sequel to Solution Selling, one of history's most popular selling guides Nearly 10 years ago, the influential bestseller Solut...

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Mega Selling

"No matter what your industry, no matter what your product, if you want to sell in the big leagues, this book is a revelation." —Steve Carlson, Publisher and Editor, Marketing Options "David Cowper ...

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The Art Of Selling To The Affluent

This insightful book shows salespeople how to meet the needs of affluent clients—from the initial contact, to the sales presentation, to providing the level of service and quality they expect, to securing them as long-term customers. Based on exten...

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