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Has Feminism Changed Science?

"Has Feminism Changed Science?" is a history of women in science and a frank assessment of the role of gender in shaping scientific knowledge. Londa Schiebinger first considers the lives of women scie...

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Feminism Is For Everybody

Designed to be read by men and women alike, this book provides a primer for the question, 'what is feminism?', offering an accessible and concise argument for the enduring importance of the feminist movement today.

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Feminism's New Age

Explores the relationship between feminism and New Age Culture.

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Red Feminism

"The gulf between first- and second-wave feminism seems less broad thanks to this thoughtful analysis of women's activism with the Communist Party U.S.A. between World War II and the mid-1950s." -- Bo...

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Feminism And Documentary

Documentary and feminist film studies have long been separate or parallel universes that need to converse or collide. The essays in this volume, written by prominent scholars and filmmakers, demonstra...

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Global Feminism

Increasingly feminists around the world have successfully campaigned for recognition of women's full personhood and empowerment. Global Feminism explores the social and political developments that have energized this movement. Drawn from an internati...

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Feminism And History'

That feminists have placed on educational institutions as agents of change but also sexuality - that is, through the need of society to assign most of a woman's.

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Who Stole Feminism?

Reviewers of this book have praised Christina Hoff Sommer's well-reasoned argument against many feminists' reliance on misleading, politically motivated 'facts' about how women are victimised.

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Feminism And Contemporary Art

First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Fictional Feminism

This book focuses on the ways in which second-wave feminism has been represented in American popular culture, and on the effects that these representations have had on feminism as a political movement. Kim Loudermilk provides close readings of four b...

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The Kpim Of Feminism

The idea behind The Kpim of Feminism was rooted in the mind of Fada Iroegbu in 2004 following a friendly but heated argument he had with Mrs.Wioletta Ukagba (the wife of one of the current co-editors of this book) who challenged Fada Iroegbu to direc...

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The Future Of Feminism

Feminism is not dead. This is not a postfeminist era. Feminism is still vibrant, despite declarations that it is over. Feminism is a success, although many gender inequalities remain. Feminism is taking powerful new forms, which makes it unrecognisab...

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Gaga Feminism

A roadmap to sex and gender for the twenty-first century, using Lady Gaga as a symbol for a new kind of feminism Why are so many women single, so many men resisting marriage, and so many gays and lesbians having babies? In Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender,...

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Professing Feminism

In this new and expanded edition of their controversial 1994 book, the authors update their analysis of what's gone wrong with women's studies programs. Their three new chapters provide a devastating and detailed examination of the routine practices ...

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Ludic Feminism And After

Following the equal-rights struggles of the 1960s, feminism became involved in the theoretical problems posed by poststructuralism, psychoanalysis, semiotics, queer theory, postcolonialism, and Marxism. After years of debate about whether feminism ca...

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Feminism Without Borders

DIVEssays by a pioneering theorist of feminism, multiculturalism, and antiracism./div

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Feminism Unmodified

An analysis of the legal status of women includes discussions of discrimination, rape, sexual harassment, and pornography

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Then Everything Changed

You will never think about recent American history in the same way again. These things are true: In December 1960, a suicide bomber paused when he saw the young President-elect John F. Kennedy's famil...

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Feminism In The Study Of Religion

Written by feminist scholars over a period of nearly thirty years, the selected readings are wide-ranging in content, offer a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural perspective, and reflect the work of schol...

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The Science Question In Feminism

Can science, steeped in Western, masculine, bourgeois endeavors, nevertheless be used for emancipatory ends? In this major contribution to the debate over the role gender plays in the scientific enterprise, Sandra Harding pursues that question, chall...

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