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Fantasy Hero Random Magic Items Hero System

GM's job easier. The sources of treasure for Fantasy Hero are rather limited, and this is an attempt to increase the range of items available. Following this section 

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My Hero

Raised in the shadow of his warrior brothers, Sir Garth de Ware has retreated to a life of peace in the Church, seeking refuge from the unbridled desire that nearly destroyed him as a youth. But a beautiful healer from his past—newly widowed Lady C...

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No Hero

The companion volume to the multimillion-copy classic No Easy Day by former Navy SEAL Mark Owen reveals the evolution of a SEAL Team Six operator Mark Owen’s instant #1 New York Times bestseller, No...

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Just Another Hero

This group of friends has been through so much after a deadly hazing ritual left friendships broken, hearts aching, and November pregnant with Josh’s baby. But senior year is going well, and when the fire alarm goes off, everyone assumes that crazy...

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The Hero

Devon McAllister flees danger with her daughter and ends up in Thunder Point, Oregon, where she meets widowed father Spencer Lawson, a man who can teach her about safety and stability.

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The Hero Within

This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the ori...

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We Don't Need Another Hero

The 'merc with a mouth' returns and finds himself up to his neck in trouble as he battles Saquatch the Taskmaster and his academy of ninjas while having to find a cure for the fatal disease that's rav...

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Michael Korda's Hero is the story of an epic life on a grand scale: a revealing, in-depth, and gripping biography of the extraordinary, mysterious, and dynamic Englishman whose daring exploits and rom...

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Unlikely Hero

Executive assistant Claire Delany’ s experience with teens? Only when she’ d been one. Yet somehow she was teaching a rowdy group of them how to apply for jobs. It wasn’ t her idea of a good tim...

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Hero Dad

Life was much safer at a remove, or at least so Julie Alexander thought. Her photojournalist job allowed her to view life through her camera lens, a job that would help her learn if a man she’ d nev...

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Be A Hero!

After five years of searching for his home planet, Krypton, Superman returns to Earth where he catches criminals and saves people from various forms of disasters.

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Juke Box Hero

Lou Gramm rose from humble, working-class roots in Rochester, New York, to become one of rock's most popular and distinctive voices in the 1970s and '80s, singing and cowriting more than a dozen hits ...

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You Can't Predict A Hero

The unique story of Wall Street legend Joe Grano—sixdefining moments in courage, leadership, and determination thatwill inspire readers of every age, and at every stage in life From Vietnam to 9/11, from the market crash of '87 to today'sfinancial ...

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The Hero's Journey

Profiling six phases of the mythic hero's journey from unconscious innocence to ultimate self-awareness, argues that shared vision, purpose, and inquiry, combined with the use of the collective wisdom of myth, legend, and metaphor, can transform a sc...

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The Child And The Hero

Many generations of readers have noticed the prominence given to children and to heroes--usually young men--in the poems of Vergil and his contemporary Catullus. But until now it has not always been c...

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When The Hero Comes Home

When the epic battle, the mission, the quest are over, can a hero go home again? Is she too changed to resume where she left off...or is the life he left behind is no longer waiting for him? In WHEN T...

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Sugar Hero

For her eleventh birthday, Halo Nightly's aunt Pandora sends her candy that gives her super powers, and she uses it to deal with her cheating classmate, Doozie Hiss, and her powerful hair.

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Fantasy Hero

Er you like to play it, Fantasy Hero helps you make it even better! HERO. GAMES. ISBN: 978-1-58366-129-1 DOJHERO1200 $44.99 US . F.

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Hero Found

In February 1966, Dieter Dengler was shot down over "neutral" Laos in jungle territory controlled by Pathet Lao guerrillas and North Vietnamese regulars, who captured and held him in a fortified priso...

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The Hero's Farewell

How a business replaces its chief executive often determines that firm's future. If a business does not effectively manage the transfer of power, utter turmoil can result, with profound implications n...

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