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The Stand

A deadly virus called "Captain Trips", engineered as a advanced biological weapon by the government, is accidentally spread across America, causing 99.4% of the population to die. The 0.6% who survive...

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To Stand On My Own

The dark threat of polio becomes a reality for a young Prairie girl. In the summer of 1937, life on the Prairies is not easy. The Great Depression has brought great hardship, and young Noreen's family must scrimp to make ends meet. In a horrible twis...

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Here's Where I Stand

In a candid memoir, the controversial former North Carolina senator describes his three decades in Congress, the presidents with whom he worked, and the state of the Republican party and American politics, as he chronicles his rise from a poverty-str...

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A Leg To Stand On

A neurologist describes his struggle to recover from a mountain climbing accident and examines the effects of a neural injury on the sense of self

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Where We Stand

Publisher Fact Sheet A noted feminist's previously unpublished personal reflections on race & class.

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Stand Up To The IRS

IRS Bills? Get the information and strategies you need to deal with the taxman. Named a "Best Tax Book" by The Internal Revenue Service is the taxpayer's worst nightmare, and for good...

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X Mentm The Last Stand

TAKE A STAND. The world has acquired a lethal new weapon against X-gene mutants, whose superhuman powers separate them–for better, for worse, forever–from ordinary mortals. Now, for the first time...

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Get Up, Stand Up

Polls show that the majority of Americans oppose recent US wars and Wall Street bailouts, yet most remain passive and appear resigned to powerlessness. In Get Up, Stand Up, Bruce Levine offers an original and convincing explanation for this passivity...

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St Ng #37 The Last Stand

THE LAST STAND In the middle of a routine mapping mission, Captain Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise â„¢ encounter a culture just on the edge of developing warp drive technology. When they survey the planet, they are startled by the sudden...

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Here I Stand

A vivid portrait of Martin Luther, the man of unshakable faith in God who helped bring about the Protestant Reformation.

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What Do You Stand For? For Teens

Young people need guidance from caring adults to build strong, positive character traits—but they can also build their own. This book by the best-selling author of The Kid’s Guide to Social Action invites children and teens to explore and practic...

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Capitalism's Last Stand?

In this eye-opening and often scathing book, Walden Bello provides a forensic dissection of contemporary capitalism's multiple crises. Trenchant but constructive, Bello's analysis of the collapse of t...

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Last Stand Of New Krypton

Living on New Krypton, Superman and other super-powered Kryptonians, struggle to keep the society alive but face their worst nightmare as Brainiac, the alien believed to be responsible for the destruc...

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Stand Alone, Inventor!

From the creator of four successful inventions, each posting sales in the millions, these step-by-step lessons and real-life experiences will help aspiring inventors move ahead and succeed with a new ...

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Respecting The Stand

"Academics dismiss Stephen King as a genre writer who appeals to the masses but lacks literary merit. This critical analysis of King's novel The Stand makes a case for King as a literary writer with c...

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Stand On Zanzibar

There are seven billion-plus humans crowding the surface of 21st century Earth. It is an age of intelligent computers, mass-market psychedelic drugs, politics conducted by assassination, scientists wh...

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Don't Take My Lemonade Stand

Teach your children to think for themselves and why America is great. With 51 captioned illustrations, 6 parables that teach lessons of life, and Questions for Kids at the end of each major section, Don't Take My Lemonade Stand - An American Philosop...

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Stand And Deliver

Stand and Deliver gives you everything you need to know to become an incredibly poised, polished, masterful communicator. Someone who can hold an audience of 1, 10, or 1000 in the palm of your hand, from the first word you speak to them until the las...

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A Girl Could Stand Up

After the sudden deaths of her parents in a freak accident in the Tunnel of Love, Elray is brought up by her two uncles--Harwood, a macho, hard-drinking photographer, and Ajax, a cross-dresser who pre...

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Stand Up Paddling

Hawaiians were stand-up paddle surfing (known as SUP), in the 50's and e60's, but the sport was first seen on the US mainland in the early 2000s, when surfers Laird Hamilton and Rick Thomas brought it to California. But now you see SUP popping up eve...

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