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Heavy Metal Islam

“We play heavy metal because our lives are heavy metal.” —Reda Zine, one of the founders of the Moroccan heavy-metal scene “Music is the weapon of the future.” —Fela Kuti An eighteen-year-...

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The Top 500 Heavy Metal Albums Of All Time

The result of an extensive poll asking heavy metal fans to list their favourite high-octane albums, this compendium combines those survey results with Popoff's original interviews with world famous rockers who reveal recording session secrets in addi...

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Beyblade Official Handbook: Metal Fusion And Metal Masters

Presents profiles of the heroes, masters, and rivals of Beyblade Metal Fusion.

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Combatting Heavy Equipment Theft Stolen Heavy

Side at rear. Do not confuse the John Deere Engine plate as the. VIN plate. Atlas Copco. Models. Serial Number Sample. 6 to 9 Digits, example 22212 .

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Christianity 101

Christianity 101 is an introductory text for college level courses in Christian theology. The text provides a history of Christian thought in each of the key areas of Christian theology and discusses the major debates and thinkers in the tradition.

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More Christianity

No one would dare to suggest that C. S. Lewis's Mere Christianity is anything less than a brilliant explanation and defense of the Faith. But as robust, wise and ardent as it is, still it is incomplet...

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History Of Christianity

First published in 1976, Paul Johnson’s exceptional study of Christianity has been loved and widely hailed for its intensive research, writing, and magnitude—“a tour de force, one of the most ambitious surveys of the history of Christianity eve...

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Christianity For Dummies

Get to know the beliefs and practices inspired by Jesus Christ Discover what it means to be a Christian and follow the gospel Curious about Christianity? This friendly guide helps you understand the b...

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Hipster Christianity

Insider twentysomething Christian journalist Brett McCracken has grown up in the evangelical Christian subculture and observed the recent shift away from the "stained glass and steeples" old guard of traditional Christianity to a more unorthodox, sty...

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Christianity On Trial

Vincent Carroll and David Shiflett do not shrink from confronting the tragedies that have been perpetrated in the name of Christianity. But they contend that the current fashionable emphasis on the dark side of the Christian record is an instance of ...

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Revitalizing Christianity

This book takes the reader through ten areas where Christians misunderstand highly motivating Christian truths. Many Christians have doubts about the reality of God. Attacks, especially in the realm of science, have many questioning whether the God o...

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The Case Against Christianity

In this systematic philosophical critique of the major tenets of Christianity, Michael Martin examines the semantic and epistemological bases of religious claims and beliefs. Beginning with a comparison and evaluation of the Apostles' Creed, the Nice...

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Inclusive Christianity

Jesus was inclusive, forgiving and compassionate. It is unfortunate that many within the Christian community have distorted Jesus' message, leading to a version of faith that is divisive, judgmental a...

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A Practical Christianity

A Practical Christianity: Meditations for the Season of Lent is a devotional book that challenges readers to take up "practical Christianity"--proposing Christian faith as something we do, not somethi...

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Pagan Christianity?

Have you ever wondered why we Christians do what we do for church every Sunday morning? Why do we “dress up” for church? Why does the pastor preach a sermon each week? Why do we have pews, steeples, choirs, and seminaries? This volume reveals the...

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Christianity In India

"Written by two of the country's foremost theologians, Christianity in India traces the fascinating history of each of these communities, and describes the role of Christians in education, social services, multilingual publishing and the freedom stru...

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Electrical Christianity

Electrical Christianity is a revolutionary guide to Jesus' teachings and spiritual en-Light-enment. It provides clear-cut, in-depth instructions on how to directly "plug into" the Divine Being, the Ho...

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The Encyclopedia Of Christianity

Containing more than 300 articles, covering the alphabetical entries P-Sh, this book also includes articles on significant topics ranging from Paul, political theology and the Qur'an, to religious liberty, salvation history and scholasticism.

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The Rise Of Christianity

Rodney Stark, a sociologist by training, has written a book that should end much of the Christian-bashing occuring in academia. Stark demonstrates that Christianity became popular very quickly because it offered its adherents a better faith than comp...

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Medieval Christianity

The fourth volume in A People's History of Christianity series accents the astounding range of cultural and religious experience within medieval Christianity and the ways in which religious life structured all aspects of the daily lives of ordinary C...

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