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Global Health Care

From the Publisher: In a rapidly changing health care system, Global Health Care Issues and Policies equips students with up-to-date information exploring a variety of global health topics and perspec...

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Health Care Marketing

Contents: Indian Health Care System, Health Care Marketing: An Overview, Methodology of the Study, Profile of the Selected Corporate Hospitals, An Empirical Study, Conclusions and Suggestions.

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Sociology And Health Care

Is it relevant to think of patients as customers or consumers? Do people who are better off get better access to health care, irrespective of the severity of their condition? Why is technical knowledg...

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Transforming Health Care

For decades, the manufacturing industry has employed the Toyota Production System — the most powerful production method in the world — to reduce waste, improve quality, reduce defects and increase...

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Primary Health Care

General practitioners and other primary care professionals have a leading role in contemporary health care, which Trisha Greenhalgh explores in this highly praised new text. She provides perceptive and engaging insights into primary health care, focu...

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Quality Health Care

Written By An Internationally-Recognized Expert In The Field Of Quality Management, This Book Will Serve As Your Guide For Planning And Implementing A Successful Quality Measurement Program In Your Healthcare Facility. It Begins By Presenting An Over...

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Health Care Informatics

Informatics the study of the use of computer hardware, software, systematic languages, and data manipulation to collect and apply information is united with health care in this new interdisciplinary t...

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Value Based Health Care

Value-Based Health Care Linking Finance and Quality Yosef D. Dlugacz Value-Based Health Care? Value-Based Health Care?concisely explains the mandate to successfully link health care quality and financ...

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Health Care Job Explosion!

Health Care Job Explosion offers a distinct advantage over other books of this type. It is two books in one - a comprehensive Career Guide plus a dynamic Job Finder. First, it presents comprehensive health care occupational descriptions and then prov...

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Ethics Of Health Care

Emphasizes the Catholic tradition in health care ethics without separating it from the broader Christian tradition. The third edition incorporates issues that have arisen since the 1994 second, and is somewhat differently arranged. Appended are the 2...

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Health Care Management

This volume offers the insights of management experts on options such as diversification, mergers and acquisitions, vertical integration, wh at total quality management is all about, and how it fits i...

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Health Care Teamwork

While health care struggles with financing and quality care, educators, clinicians, administrators, and policy makers ignore an untapped resource. Well functioning interdisciplinary health care teams differ from current views of teams. An understandi...

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Health Care Policy

This book offers a systematic review of major issues and trends in health care policy, including those related to physical health and disease trends, mental and behavioral health concerns, reorganizin...

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Rights To Health Care

Human existence is marked by pain, limitation, disability, disease, suffering, and death. These facts of life and of death give ample grounds for characterizing much of the human condition as unfortunate. A core philosophical question is whether the ...

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Health Care Finance

Health Care Finance: Basic Tools for Nonfinancial Managers is the most practical financial management text for those who need basic financial management knowledge and a better understanding of healthc...

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Health Care Will Not Reform Itself

Health care reform is within our reach. According to George Halvorson, CEO of the nation's largest private health care plan, only by improving the intent, quality, and reach of services will we achiev...

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Measuring Health Care

This invaluable guide shows students and professionals how measurements and data can be used to balance quality services and financial viability and how measures can help to evaluate and improve organ...

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Health Care Fraud

This book is the most complete, essential and up-to-date guide for criminal and civil lawyers, law enforcement officials, health care providers and anyone interested in the health care industry.

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Health Care Ethics

Organized around the four central themes of healthcare ethics (theoretical foundations and issues for individuals, organizations, and society), Health Care Ethics brings together the insights of a div...

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Health Care Needs Assessment

Covering the whole entire disease and service areas, this book explains the "epidemiological approach" to needs assessment, and the effectiveness and availability of services. It describes the central...

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