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Industrial Pollution & Management

Conflicts 41 Research Papers Relating To Current Environmental Problems Caused By Industrial Pollution And Then Possible Remedies. Useful For Students/Teachers And Researchers In The Field Of Environmental Science.

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Industrial Ecology And The Automobile

The authors explore challenges in designing a car with the environment in mind, this discussion should be viewed in terms of all technology and is of interest to a wide variety of audiences. This book...

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Biosafety In Industrial Biotechnology

This book gives a practical approach to the industrial and international regulatory aspects of biosafety in biotechnology. Chapters cover relevant local legal requirements, policy-making bodies and re...

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Industrial Project Management

This book describes, in a precise but practical way, the most recent principles and techniques of project management, at the highest international standards, with a fully company-wide, process-based, multi-project approach. It is unique because of th...

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Industrial Utilization Of Surfactants

Annotation Intended for technologists selecting a surfactant for use in some process or product, this guide provides information on the relationship between the chemical structure of the surfactant an...

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Microprocessors In Industrial Control

Basic digital concepts. Other digital number systems. Binary logic and arithmetic. Memory, addressing, and data buses. Microprocessors. Programming a microprocessor. Assembly language programming. BAS...

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Industrial Power Systems

The modernization of industrial power systems has been stifled by industry's acceptance of extremely outdated practices. Industry is hesitant to depart from power system design practices influenced by...

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Industrial Process Scale Up

This book will help industrial process innovators in research, development and commercial start-up to assess the risks of commercial-scale implementation and provide them with practical guidelines and...

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Principles Of Industrial Filtration

Solid/ fluid separation is a major element in the processes performed in many industries, such as pharmaceutical, food, beverage, water, pulp and paper. Several books now exist on the more esoteric aspects of the techniques, but accounts of the funda...

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The Industrial Policy Revolution II

In this volume, world-renowned economists and policymakers write about industrial policy, which is being recognized anew as a linchpin for the economics of development. They show that developing countries that have undertaken a wide variety of indust...

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Industrial Machinery Repair

Industrial Machinery Repair provides a practical reference for practicing plant engineers, maintenance supervisors, physical plant supervisors and mechanical maintenance technicians. It focuses on the skills needed to select, install and maintain ele...

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Industrial Agglomeration And New Technologies

. . . the book is an interesting collection of anecdotal evidence. . . the book makes for interesting reading, both from the point of view of case studies and in terms of empirical methodological applications. Silvia Grandi, Economic Geography Resear...

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Industrial Plasma Technology

Clearly structured in five major sections on applications, this monograph covers such hot technologies as nanotechnology, solar cell technology, biomedical and clinical applications, and sustainabilit...

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Moody's Industrial Manual

Covering New York, American & regional stock exchanges & international companies.

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Industrial Applications Of X Ray Diffraction

By illustrating a wide range of specific applications in all major industries, this work broadens the coverage of X-ray diffraction beyond basic tenets, research and academic principles. The book serves as a guide to solving problems faced everyday i...

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Multinationals And Industrial Competitiveness

This book provides an excellent overview of the changing relationship between multinationals and economic development as globalization has taken off, and substantially altered the conditions for catch...

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Industrial Applications Of Surfactants IV

Environmental considerations are increasingly shaping the development of many industries. This is an overview of surfactants and the environment. It goes on to look at new surfactants derived from renewable, "natural" resources such as sucrose, seawe...

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Industrial Automation: Hands On

A practical guide to industrial automation concepts, terminology, and applications Industrial Automation: Hands-On is a single source of essential information for those involved in the design and use ...

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U. S. Industrial Outlook, 1994

Highlights U.S. industrial activities and features: economic assumptions; recent financial performance of U.S. manufacturing corporations; the U.S. export boom and economic growth; highlights of the 1...

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Industrial Microwave Heating

This book offers a broad coverage of the theory and practice of industrial microwave heating.

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