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"Shame & Guilt" explores the differences between these two painful but inevitable experiences. Both guilt and shame involve feeling "bad"-feeling bad about one's actions (or omissions) in the case of ...
Title Shame & Guilt
Category Self-Help
Author Ernest Kurtz
Publisher iUniverse
Pub Date 2007-07-24
Number of Page
ISBN 0595898025
Read 104
Last Read 2016-04-30 16:55:52
Tags Shame Vs. Guilt, Shame And Guilt, Shame And Guilt Exercises, Shame Versus Guilt, Feelings Of Shame And Guilt

Shame And Guilt

Shame & Guiltexplores the differences between these two painful but inevitable experiences. Offering new light especially on Shame, it offers suggestions for its healing.

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In an upscale L.A. neighborhood, a backyard renovation unearths an infant’s body, buried sixty years ago. Soon thereafter, in a nearby park, another disturbingly bizarre di...

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Guilt Trip

The way we see the world is changing. Once, faced with foreign wars or natural disasters, collapsing ice shelves and toxic air, we ran about screaming Oh God, what can we do? ́ scatting the tiny boxe...

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Mommy Guilt

The authors encourage parents to let go of unobtainable--and ill-advised--goals in favor of parenting philosophies that concentrate on the whole family. This eye-opening book presents the results of an original, never-before-published nationwide surv...

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Pleasure And Guilt On The Grand Tour

Pleasure and Guilt on the Grand Tour examines the forms of language that map Italy and the warm south as an imaginative topography of pleasure within British and French travel writing from 1600 to 1830. The book considers the Tour with reference to s...

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This book, first published in 2000, aims to understand the nature of Shame as it relates to Christian thought and practice.

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Shame On It All

Follows the adventures of sisters Harmony, Bryce, and Lucinda (a.k.a. Lucky) Whitfield as they deal will family, friends, lovers, and enemies.

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Fat Shame

To be fat hasn’t always occasioned the level of hysteria that this condition receives today and indeed was once considered an admirable trait. Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture explores this arc, from veneration to Shame, exami...

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Island Of Shame

The American military base on the island of Diego Garcia is one of the most strategically important and secretive U.S. military installations outside the United States. Located near the remote center of the Indian Ocean and accessible only by militar...

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Shade Of Shame

Five-year-old Mary Jane is one of hundreds of orphaned children at the New York Children's Mission. When her wish for the possibility of a new family is finally granted with her spot on the orphan train bound for Missouri, Mary Jane is ecstatic. By t...

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