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A series that examines the lives of people who have had a major impact on the history or current practice of religion. This volume follows the life of Mohandas Gandhi, leader of the Indian struggle fo...
Title Mohandas Gandhi
Category Nationalists
Author Anne M. Todd
Publisher Infobase Publishing
Pub Date 2009-01-01
Number of Page 149
ISBN 1438106629
Read 664
Last Read 2014-11-05 16:50:29
Tags Mohandas Gandhi Biography, Mohandas Gandhi Quotes, Mohandas Gandhi Essential Writings, Gandhi The Man Pdf, Gandhi The Man Sparknotes

Gandhi The Man

This biography, illustrated with 70 photographs, and supported by background notes, a chronology, and quotes from Gandhi's writings, offers a moving account of the turning points and choices in Gandhi...

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The author, the grandson of Mohandas Gandhi, describes the life of the Indian leader as well as the history of India during Gandhi's time.

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Gandhi On Non Violence

An essential compendium for understanding Gandhi's profound legacy. "One has to speak out and stand up for one's convictions. Inaction at a time of conflagration is inexcusable."—Mahatma Gandhi The basic principles of Gandhi's philosophy of non-vio...

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Mahatma Gandhi

This book moves from the birth of Gandhi's method of nonviolent resistance in South Africa to an in-depth analysis of two of his signal triumphs: the civil disobedience movement of 1930 and his historic Calcutta fast of 1947. Dalton concluded with a ...

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The Essential Gandhi

Gandhi's most intimate thoughts about life are revealed in these excerpts from his great body of writings, which includes the author's ideas and beliefs on politics, spirituality, poverty, suffering, ...

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The Words Of Gandhi

Gathers quotations from Gandhi's writings about nonviolence, faith, peace, democracy, politics, and everyday life.

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Gandhi And The Unspeakable

In 1948, at the dawn of his country's independence, Mohandas Gandhi, father of the Indian independence movement and a beloved prophet of nonviolence, was assassinated by Hindu nationalists. In riveting detail, author James W. Douglass shows as he pre...

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Gandhi And The Stoics

“Was Gandhi a philosopher? Yes.” So begins this remarkable investigation of the guiding principles that motivated the transformative public acts of one of the top historical figures of the twentieth century. Richard Sorabji, continuing his explor...

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Gandhi & Churchill

Mohandas Gandhi and Winston Churchill: India's moral leader and Great Britain's greatest Prime Minister. Born five years and seven thousand miles apart, they became embodiments of the nations they led...

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Gandhi And King

Explores the meaning and nature of nonviolent political resistance through the lives of two of its greatest philosopher practitioners, Mohandis Karamchand Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

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