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Washing Machine

You have chosen a premium washing machine made by. Siemens. Thanks to its Further information on our products, accessories, spare parts GB English.

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The Purchasing Machine

Every day companies leave billions of dollars in invisible, unrealized savings on the table because of poor supply chain management practices. Now supply management experts Dave Nelson, Patricia E. Moody, and Jonathan Stegner show not only how leadin...

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The Anime Machine

Working at the intersection of the philosophy of technology and the history of thought, Lamarre explores how anime and its related media entail material orientations and demonstrates concretely how the 'animetic machine' encourages a specific approac...

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Women And The Machine

From sexist jokes about women drivers to such empowering icons as Amelia Earhart and Rosie the Riveter, representations of the relationship between women and modern technology in popular culture have been both demeaning and celebratory. Depictions of...

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The Answer Machine

The Answer Machine is a practical, non-technical guide to the technologies behind information seeking and analysis. It introduces search and content analytics to software buyers, knowledge managers, and searchers who want to understand and design eff...

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Build Your Own CNC Machine

Do you like to build things? Are you ever frustrated at having to compromise your designs to fit whatever parts happen to be available? Would you like to fabricate your own parts? Build Your Own CNC Machine is the book to get you started. CNC expert ...

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Machine Dreams

This was the first cross-over book into the history of science written by an historian of economics. It shows how 'history of technology' can be integrated with the history of economic ideas. The analysis combines Cold War history with the history of...

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The Machine In The Garden

For more than 40 years, Marx's work focused on technology and culture in 19th- and 20th-century America. This edition celebrates the anniversary of Marx's classic text, and features a new Afterword on...

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The Dream Machine

WHEN THE MARINES decided to buy a helicopter-airplane hybrid “tiltrotor” called the V-22 Osprey, they saw it as their dream machine. The tiltrotor was the aviation equivalent of finding the Northw...

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The Adding Machine

Scintillating essays about the author himself, his interests, his influences, his friends and foes. He offers candid and not always flattering assessments of other writers. He ruminates on science and the often dubious paths into which it seem intent...

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Washing Machine .uk

VRT PLUS (Vibration Reduction Technology , Selected Models). This Samsung washer performs very quietly minimizing noise and vibration with 3D This manual contains important information on the installation, use, and care of your new.

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The Lean Machine

Some things never change. Harley-Davidson is still the great, iconic American motorcycle. But like many storied companies, Harley has had to evolve to stay on top, even to stay in existence. From near...

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Machine Elements

Focusing on how a machine "feels" and behaves while operating, Machine Elements: Life and Design seeks to impart both intellectual and emotional comprehension regarding the "life" of a machine. It presents a detailed description of how machines eleme...

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Front Adjustable Upper Control Arm for Honda Civic 92-95 EG/DC2. HONDA. 2 Rear lower arm for Honda Civic 88-95 EF9 ED EG Integra 90-01. HONDA. 2.

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The Machine In America

From the medieval farm implements used by the first colonists to the invisible links of the Internet, the history of technology in America is a history of society as well. This title analyzes technology's impact on the lives of women and men. It also...

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The Vision Machine

""Virilio offers a cool, precise look at an impending future in which reality shall simply cease to exist. Highly recommended."" --Choice Surveying art history as well as the technologies of war and u...

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Machine Drawing

Written By Three Distinguished Authors With Ample Academic And Teaching Experience, This Textbook, Meant For Diploma And Degree Students Of Mechanical Engineering As Well As Those Preparing For Amie Examination, Incorporates The Latest Standards. The...

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AC Machine Systems

"AC Machine Systems" stresses both analysis methods and operating performances of AC machine systems, including variable speed drive system of AC machines with power electronics and control devices, power energy system composed of AC machines and pow...

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The Mind Machine

One day a highly advanced space ship shaped like a huge egg lands in Doug Rink's backyard. Doug soon learns that the entire universe folds in on itself every 13 billion years and time's UP! The good news is; There's a way out, but only if we can merg...

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Brand Against The Machine

Ditch traditional corporate branding to create a powerful, recognizable brand Brand Against the Machine offers proven and actionable steps for companies and entrepreneurs to increase their brand visib...

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