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Collects exercises, games, and other techniques developed by Viola Spolin for stimulating creative expression.
Title Improvisation For The Theater
Category Performing Arts
Author Viola Spolin
Publisher Northwestern University Press
Pub Date 1999
Number of Page 412
ISBN 081014008X
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Beginning with an overview of developing, teaching and analysing the skills of Improvisation, the author describes techniques ranging from warming up to mirroring, rhythmic grounding, containing and holding. Notated examples allow readers to progress...

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The Improvisation Playbook

."should prove invaluable to beginners, journeymen/women and seasoned pros." -Rene Auberjonois (Boston Legal, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Have you ever watched a show like Whose Line Is It Anyway, and...

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The Triumph Of Improvisation

In The Triumph of Improvisation, James Graham Wilson takes a long view of the end of the Cold War, from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979 to Operation Desert Storm in January 1991. D...

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Improvisation For The Spirit

"A practical, fascinating, and funny guidebook. I've already begun applying hints from Improvisation for the Spirit, and I'm hoping that from now on, when people point and laugh at me, it will be for more appropriate reasons. A delightful read, fille...

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Theatrical Improvisation

This is the only book that examines the different styles of Improvisation in performance and compares them

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Pretend Play As Improvisation

This book adds to our understanding of preschoolers' pretend play by examining it in the context of a theory of Improvisational performance genres. This theory, derived from in-depth analyses of the i...

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The Big Book Of Jazz Piano Improvisation

Vital concepts and topics of jazz piano Improvisation are thoroughly presented in this outstanding book & CD by master performer and educator, Noah Baerman. Organized into three main categories----scales, modes and other source material; practical ap...

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The Big Book Of Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Learn to channel Improvisational impulses into great solos with this amazing book & CD by outstanding jazz performer and educator, Mark Dziuba. Topics are thoroughly explained and organized into three main categories: instruction in the harmonic and ...

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Complete Guitar Improvisation Book

This is an incredibly comprehensive book dealing with every harmonic and technical aspect of guitar improvising. Included are analyses of scales, arpeggios, picking technique, chord progressions, cade...

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Theatrical Improvisation, Consciousness, And Cognition

Improvisation teachers Viola Spolin, Del Close, and Keith Johnstone knew that with structure and guidelines, the human mind could be trained to be effortlessly spontaneous and intuitive. Cognitive stu...

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