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The Robot

Discusses the history of robotic technology, from mechanical toys, to factory machinery, to recent advancements in artificial intelligence.

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We, Robot

We, Robot does for robotics what Michio Kaku’s bestselling Physics of the Impossible has done for physics. How close to becoming reality are our favorite science fiction robots? And what might be the real-life consequences of their existence? Robot...

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Robot Ethics

Robots today serve in many roles, from entertainer to educator to executioner. As robotics technology advances, ethical concerns become more pressing: Should robots be programmed to follow a code of ethics, if this is even possible? Are there risks i...

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Robot Behaviour

Written to complement and build on Nehmzow s earlier book: Scientific Methods in Mobile Robotics this new book is practical in its approach and includes examples of modelling and analysing observed be...

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Robot Manipulators

Homogeneous transformations; Kinematic equations; Solving kinematic equations; Differential relationships; Motion trajectories; Dynamics; Control; Static forces; Compliance; Programming.

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Robot Vision

The book is intended for advanced students in physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, robotics, engine engineering and for specialists in computer vision and robotics on the te...

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Robot Analysis

Complete, state-of-the-art coverage of robot analysis This unique book provides the fundamental knowledge needed for understanding the mechanics of both serial and parallel manipulators. Presenting fresh and authoritative material on parallel manipul...

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Robot Shaping

Foreword by Lashon Booker To program an autonomous robot to act reliably in a dynamic environment is a complex task. The dynamics of the environment are unpredictable, and the robots' sensors provide noisy input. A learning autonomous robot, one that...

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Robot Builder

Absolutely no experience needed! Learn robot building from the ground up, hands-on, in full color! Love robots? Start building them. It’s way easier than you ever imagined! John Baichtal has helped thousands of people get started with robotics. He ...

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Robot Spacecraft

Presents a history of robot spacecraft and their use as well as related scientific concepts and brief biographies of important individuals.

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Robot Futures

With robots, we are inventing a new species that is part material and part digital. The ambition of modern robotics goes beyond copying humans, beyond the effort to make walking, talking androids that are indistinguishable from people. Future robots ...

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I, Robot Builder

If you could only own one book on building robots, this is the one you'd want. Most books cover only one aspect of robotics and assume you're geeky enough to know the rest already. Not I, Robot Builde...

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The Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot

America's robot Big Guy comes to the aid of Japan after their newly-commissioned Rusty the Boy Robot fails to stop an attack on Tokyo by a giant creature who was generated in a botched experiment.

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Robot Intelligence

Robot intelligence has become a major focus of intelligent robotics. Recent innovation in computational intelligence including fuzzy learning, neural networks, evolutionary computation and classical Artificial Intelligence provides sufficient theoret...

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Intermediate Robot Building

For readers of Robot Building for Beginner (Apress, 2002 and 2009), welcome to the next level. Intermediate Robot Building, Second Edition offers you the kind of real-world knowledge that only renowne...

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Robot Manipulator Control

Robot Manipulator Control offers a complete survey of control systems for serial-link robot arms and acknowledges how robotic device performance hinges upon a well-developed control system. Containing...

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Build Your Own All Terrain Robot

Remotely operated robots are becoming increasingly popular because they allow the operators to explore areas that may not normally be easily accessible. The use of video-controlled technology has spar...

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Robot Building For Dummies

Discover what robots can do and how they work Find out how to build your own robot and program it to performtasks Ready to enter the robot world? This book is your passport! Itwalks you through building your very own little metal assistantfrom a kit,...

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Practical Robot Design

Designed for beginners, undergraduate students, and robotics enthusiasts, Practical Robot Design: Game Playing Robots is a comprehensive guide to the theory, design, and construction of game-playing r...

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Robot Programmer's Bonanza

The first hands-on programming guide for today's robot hobbyist Get ready to reach into your programming toolbox and control a robot like never before! Robot Programmer's Bonanza is the one-stop guide...

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