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A Course In Financial Calculus

Finance provides a dramatic example of the successful application of mathematics to the practical problem of pricing financial derivatives. This self-contained text is designed for first courses in financial calculus. Key concepts are introduced in t...

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Tensor Calculus

"This book is an excellent classroom text, since it is clearly written, contains numerous problems and exercises, and at the end of each chapter has a summary of the significant results of the chapter...

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Calculus II For Dummies

An easy-to-understand primer on advanced calculus topics Calculus II is a prerequisite for many popular college majors, including pre-med, engineering, and physics. Calculus II For Dummies offers expert instruction, advice, and tips to help second se...

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Microeconomics With Calculus

For all intermediate Microeconomics courses at the undergraduate or graduate level. Understand the practical, problem-solving aspects of microeconomic theory. Microeconomics: Theory and Applications w...

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Calculus Without Limits

First time author Ledesma sets his adventure tale in early America. Antonios' travels and adventures carry him across two continents, Europe and America in his quest for a new life. He leaves the safety and love of his family in Italy for uncertain l...

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Short Calculus

This is a reprint of A First Course in Calculus, which has gone through five editions since the early sixties. It covers all the topics traditionally taught in the first-year calculus sequence in a brief and elementary fashion. As sociological and ed...

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Barron's AP Calculus

Provides test-taking tips and strategies, reviews topics on the test, and includes eight full-length practice exams with answers and explanations.

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Advanced Calculus

Preliminaries Tools for analysis Convergent sequences Continuous functions Differentiation Elementary functions as solutions of differential equations Integration: Two fundamental theorems Integration: Further topics Approximation by Taylor polynomia...

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Calculus Of Variations

Fresh, lively text serves as a modern introduction to the subject, with applications to the mechanics of systems with a finite number of degrees of freedom.Ideal for math and physics students.

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Calculus I With Precalculus

CALCULUS I WITH PRECALCULUS, developed for one-year courses, is ideal for instructors who wish to successfully bring students up to speed algebraically within precalculus and transition them into calculus. The Larson Calculus program has a long histo...

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A First Course In The Calculus Of Variations

This book is intended for a first course in the calculus of variations, at the senior or beginning graduate level. The reader will learn methods for finding functions that maximize or minimize integrals. The text lays out important necessary and suff...

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Multivariable Calculus

James Stewart's CALCULUS texts are widely renowned for their mathematical precision and accuracy, clarity of exposition, and outstanding examples and problem sets. Millions of students worldwide have explored calculus through Stewart's trademark styl...

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Fractional Calculus

This title will give readers the possibility of finding very important mathematical tools for working with fractional models and solving fractional differential equations, such as a generalization of Stirling numbers in the framework of fractional ca...

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The Calculus Diaries

Jennifer Ouellette never took maths in the sixth form, mostly because she – like most of us – assumed she wouldn't need it much in real life. But then the English graduate, now an award-winning sc...

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Financial Calculus

Modern introduction to mathematics of pricing, construction and hedging of derivative securities.

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Pre Calculus For Dummies

Offers an introduction to the principles of pre-calculus, covering such topics as functions, law of sines and cosines, identities, sequences, series, and binomials.

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Pre Calculus Demystified

Pre-Calculus Demystified leads the reader through all the intricacies and requirements of this essential course Whether you need to pass a class, a college requirement, or get a leg up on more advanced topics, this book provides clear explanation wit...

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Calculus For Dummies

Offers an introduction to the principles of calculus, covering such topics as limits, differentiation, and integration.

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Calculus: Concepts And Contexts

Stewart's CALCULUS: CONCEPTS AND CONTEXTS, FOURTH EDITION offers a streamlined approach to teaching calculus, focusing on major concepts and supporting those with precise definitions, patient explanations, and carefully graded problems. CALCULUS: CON...

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Paradoxes And Sophisms In Calculus

Paradoxes and Sophisms in Calculus offers a delightful supplementary resource to enhance the study of single variable calculus. By the word paradox the authors mean a surprising, unexpected, counter-intuitive statement that looks invalid, but in fact...

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