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Find Your Courage Gus Lee Free eBook Download

Find Your Courage!

No one is immune to fear or self doubt, but it doesnt have to keep you from making changes and taking chances to live the life you really want. [i]Find Your Courage![/i] will help you reclaim the powe...

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Cry Of Courage

When the American Civil War breaks out, three young people--a farm boy who is an aspiring writer, a recently orphaned young girl, and a secretly educated slave boy--find that their lives are changed f...

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The Courage To Do Nothing

Are you fed up with Washington politicizing our economy and bureaucrats more focused on aggrandizing their power than aiding commerce? For many of us, the rhetoric emanating from our government doesn't reflect reality. In The Courage to do Nothing, B...

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The Courage To Be Yourself

Offering women useful advice on how to rediscover their core emotional strength, the author shows women how to turn their lives around by bolstering their self-esteem. Original.

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The Courage To Teach

"This book is for teachers who have good days and bad --and whose bad days bring the suffering that comes only fromsomething one loves. It is for teachers who refuse to hardentheir hearts, because the...

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Courage To Change

Wilbur Mills is an alcoholic. Billy Carter is an alcoholic. Grace Slick is an alcoholic. Jason Robards is an alcoholic. So are writer Tom Tryon, comedian Sid Caesar, musicians Doc Severinsen and Pete ...

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Women Of Courage

This book is about the Constitutional rights of illegitimate children and their parents, about the right to give birth and raise your own children regardless of race and marital status. It was inspire...

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Undaunted Courage

A chronicle of the two-and-a-half year journey of Lewis and Clark covers their incredible hardships and the contributions of Sacajawea

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Profiles In Courage

Written in 1955 by the then junior senator from the state of Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy's Profiles in Courage served as a clarion call to every American. The inspiring true accounts of eight unsun...

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The Courage Of Faith

Living a courageous life is not easy. It requires a person to find the balance between fearlessness and cowardice. In The Courage of Faith Steven Ostovich encourages readers to wrestle with their ques...

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Courage Under Fire

When physical disability from combat wounds brought about Jim Stockdale's early retirement from military life, he had the distinction of being the only three-star officer in the history of the navy to...

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Heart Of Courage

"The land of Tereden, treacherous even for those with the stout spirit to confront it, is home to a desperate world's dreams and fears." The mystic island of Tereden has experienced more war than peac...

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The Courage To Be Rich

Explores the necessities of life beyond financial security, showing how money cannot become an end in itself

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Courage And Air Warfare

Despite the quantity of material written about the Combined Bomber Offensive during the Second World War, the full human dimension of air combat has not been thoroughly explored. This book investigate...

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No Small Courage

Presents essays that trace the lives and experiences of women in the United States from the colonial period to the present.

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Footprints In Courage

In these pages, war history author Kristin Gilpatrick and Larson friend and researcher Rick Peterson tell the story of one prisoner of war's incredible and inspiring triumph over captivity, disease, torture, and bordem.

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The Red Badge Of Courage

During his service in the Civil War a young Union soldier matures to manhood and finds peace of mind as he comes to grips with his conflicting emotions about war.

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Call It Courage

Maftu was afraid of the sea. It had taken his mother when he was a baby, and it seemed to him that the sea gods sought vengeance at having been cheated of Mafatu. So, though he was the son of the Great Chief of Hikueru, a race of Polynesians who wors...

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Courage And Calling

God calls us first to himself, to know and follow him, and also to a specific life purpose, a particular reason for being. This second call or "vocation" has implications not only for our work or occupation, but also includes our giftedness, our weak...

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Face Of Courage

Morgan Tsvangirai had an advantage over many other rural Rhodesian children born in the 1950s - his parents believed he should receive the best possible education to ensure his future. The first of nine children, Tsvangirai made the most of his schoo...

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