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Sport Finance

Sport Finance, Second Edition, grounds students in the real world of financial management in sport, showing them how to apply financial concepts and appreciate the importance of finance in sound sport management and operations. Designed for sport fin...

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The 30 Day MBA In Business Finance

The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance provides a complete 'course' in business finance, covering 13 key topics which fall under three main headings - the Fundamentals of Business Finance, Corporate Capit...

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The Psychology Of Finance

There is one constant factor in the chaos of the markets and that constant is human psychology. In the Psychology of Finance readers are shown how the market's characteristics that arise can be interpreted and learnt from. This revised edition contai...

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Finance Your Own Business

Do you want to learn powerful, legitimate strategies for building strong business credit so your business can borrow with success? Small business financing can be essential to your business success. A...

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Finance For Dentists

This book aims to equip dentists with the knowledge needed to take an active role in their own finances - including taxes, income and expenditure, property matters and retirement and provide an insight into what they should expect from a specialist f...

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Aircraft Finance

This title presents a flexible valuation and decision-making tool for financial planners, airlines, lease companies, bankers, insurance companies, and aircraft manufacturers.

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Flirting With Finance

Flirting with Finance is the modern woman's guide to achieving financial freedom through smart investing. It explains the basics of finance with a sense of fun such as comparing what stocks to buy as being similar to choosing the right man (so that y...

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Business Finance

Business Financehas a real-world flavour, exploring the theories surrounding financial decision making and relating these theories to what happens in the real world.

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The Heretics Of Finance

The Heretics of Finance provides extraordinary insight into both the art of technical analysis and the character of the successful trader. Distinguished MIT professor Andrew W. Lo and researcher Jasmi...

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Computational Finance Using C And C#

In Computational Finance Using C and C# George Levy raises computational finance to the next level using the languages of both standard C and C#. The inclusion of both these languages enables readers to match their use of the book to their firm’s i...

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Quantitative Finance

Quantitative Finance: An Object-Oriented Approach in C++ provides readers with a foundation in the key methods and models of quantitative finance. Keeping the material as self-contained as possible, the author introduces computational finance with a ...

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Infrastructure Finance

A comprehensive look at the emergence of infrastructure finance Just as infrastructure development acts as a catalyst for economic growth, it is also changing the landscape for potential investors and the burgeoning field of infrastructure finance. I...

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Law And Corporate Finance

The authors examine the role of the law in developing large financial markets necessary for national economic success. They discuss the basic foundational law of contracts, property and tort, corporate law, and securities law, providing both a broad ...

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International Finance

"International Financial Management" is written based on two distinct parts: emphasis on the basics and emphasis on a managerial perspective. The emphasis on the basics will allow students to be left ...

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Numerical Methods In Finance

Balanced coverage of the methodology and theory of numerical methods in finance Numerical Methods in Finance bridges the gap between financial theory and computational practice while helping students and practitioners exploit MATLAB for financial app...

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The Everything Personal Finance In Your 40s And 50s Book

Every day, more than 10,000 people turn forty in the United States, moving toward retirement without traditional pension plans backing them up. Lacking the safety net that protected their parents and grandparents, they’re forced to take the initiat...

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Indian Currency And Finance

Published in 1913, this is the first book from the renowned economist, and demonstrates the beginnings of the philosophies of macroeconomics and government intervention into economic matters that would characterize his later work. Here, Keynes discus...

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Computational Methods In Finance

As today’s financial products have become more complex, quantitative analysts, financial engineers, and others in the financial industry now require robust techniques for numerical analysis. Covering advanced quantitative techniques, Computational ...

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Understanding Islamic Finance

In Understanding Islamic Finance Muhammad Ayub introduces all the essential elements of this growing market by providing an in-depth background to the subject and clear descriptions of all the major products and processes associated with Islamic fina...

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Advances In Behavioral Finance

This book offers a definitive and wide-ranging overview of developments in behavioral finance over the past ten years. In 1993, the first volume provided the standard reference to this new approach in...

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