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Criminal Finance

As the first cross-disciplinary analysis of money laundering - fully recognizing the activity's economic, political, and juridical dimensions - Criminal Finance clearly identifies a useful array of ap...

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Public Finance

Emphasizing policymaking and policy analysis, PUBLIC FINANCE, 2ND Edition uses a variety of applications to deliver modern treatment of everything from overviews and definitions for undergraduates, to...

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Form Follows Finance

Although fundamental factors of program, technology, and economics make tall buildings everywhere take similar forms, skyscrapers in New York and Chicago developed very differently in the first half o...

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Climate Finance

Preventing risks of severe damage from climate change not only requires deep cuts in developed country greenhouse gas emissions, but enormous amounts of public and private investment to limit emission...

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Securities Finance

In Securities Finance, editors Frank Fabozzi and Steven Mann assemble a group of prominent practitioners in the securities finance industry to provide readers with an enhanced understanding of the var...

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Issues In Finance

Issues in Finance: Credit, Crises and Policies presents a collection of surveys on key issues surrounding the relationship between credit, finance, and the macro-economy that are linked to the recent ...

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Mathematics Of Finance

The mathematics of finance involves a wide spectrum of techniques that go beyond traditional applied mathematics. The field has witnessed a tremendous amount of progress in recent years, which has inspired communication and networking among researche...

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Behavioralizing Finance

Behavioralizing Finance provides a structured approach to behavioral finance in respect to underlying psychological concepts, formal framework, testable hypotheses, and empirical findings.

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Innovation And Finance

This collection, from an international group of experts, explores some of the key aspects of the complex interrelationship between innovation and finance.

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Equity Finance

Written by an expert with over 30 years of experience in venture capital, this three-volume set provides the most comprehensive treatment of alternative investment strategies available.Volumes 1 and 2...

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The Alchemy Of Finance

Why is the brain important in eating disorders? This ground–breaking new book describes how increasingly sophisticated neuroscientific approaches are revealing much about the role of the brain in ea...

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Lords Of Finance

Argues that the stock market crash of 1929 and subsequent Depression occurred as a result of poor decisions on the part of four central bankers who jointly attempted to reconstruct international finan...

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Finance 3700

Display. (The calculator manual calls this displayed word an annunciator.) The HP-10BII calculator operates, like most other calculators, in so-called Algebraic.

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Energy Finance

Thought leaders and experts offer the most current information and insights into energy finance Energy Finance offers the most up-to-date information and compelling insights into the finance and econo...

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Behavioural Finance

The study of Behavioural finance is relatively new and examines how individuals’ attitudes and behaviour affect their financial decisions and financial markets. ‘Behavioural Finance’ builds on e...

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Finance At Fields

This outstanding collection of articles includes papers presented at the Fields Institute, Toronto, as part of the Thematic Program in Quantitative Finance that took place in the first six months of the year 2010. The scope of the volume in very broa...

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Mathematical Finance

A balanced introduction to the theoretical foundations and real-world applications of mathematical finance The ever-growing use of derivative products makes it essential for financial industry practit...

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Research In Finance

Contributions to Research in Finance, volume 28, include finance theory and financial practice, plus accounting issues such as reporting derivatives positions, reflecting intangible holdings, or predi...

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No Nonsense Finance

Todays most powerful personal finance website transfers its take-noprisoners approach to the printed page Errold Moody and his website have gained a substantial grassroots following --and ...

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Puzzles Of Finance

". . . shining clarity and enviable originality" --Peter L. Bernstein, author of Against the Gods "Mark Kritzman presents the reader with an entertaining way of learning some serious finance." --Harry...

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