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On Fertile Ground

Reproduction is among the most basic of human biological functions, both for our distant ancestors and for ourselves, whether we live on the plains of Africa or in North American suburbs. Our reproduc...

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Resistance Is Fertile

For decades, government, industry, and the mainstream media haveextolled the virtues of biotechnology while downplaying its negativeside effects. Focusing on agriculture, Resistance Is Fertilechalleng...

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Fully Fertile

The authors present a comprehensive home-based fertility program, that utilizes yoga, acupuncture, Oriental medicine, nutrition, and other mind/body techniques, in a book that includes 120 color photos and illustrations, inspiring real-life stories a...

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The Synonym Finder

Completely updated and newly revised for easier use, this valuable reference book lists more than one million synonyms--an indispensable aid for anyone who works with words

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A Synonym For Higher Productivity ESK

A Synonym for Higher Productivity. With its new . lops its effect in situ when heat tre- ated during the first casting . ny Ceranex, a supplier of heat-resis- tant and .

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Fertile Clay & Attic Dust

FERTILE CLAY & ATTIC DUST explores the cranial rafters of this senior's mind recovering memories of childhood growing up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin. The recollections are mixed with present day observations and impressions shaped by a liber...

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Celastrina Nigra And Its Synonym C. Ebenina Lepidoptera

Clench 1972 is a synonym; it summarizes a lengthy paper on the case, which is 306, Dec.) Revised Catalogue, mistakenly cited by Miller and Brown.

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Context Sensitive Synonym Discovery For Web Search Queries

Nov 6, 2009 - Keywords: Synonym discovery, query reformulation. 1. general purpose synonym thesaurus without targeted appli- cations [5]. However, it is .

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The Way To Ground Zero

Bartter surveys 250 American science-fiction stories, and American SF novels--with occasional overlaps of stories made into episodic novels--that have some relationship, often direct, sometimes margin...

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On Her Own Ground

On Her Own Ground is the first full-scale, definitive biography of Madam C. J. Walker -- the legendary African American entrepreneur and philanthropist -- by her great-great-granddaughter, A'Lelia Bun...

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Run To Ground

A forensic expert, a homicide investigator, and a television reporter pool all of their skills to track down a husband and wife intent on killing their son's unrepentant murderer.

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New Ground

New Ground: Western American Narrative and the Literary Canon

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Under Ground

In childhood, the backyard, the flowerbed, the beach, puddles, lakes, and streams are infinitely fascinating. It is a mistake to leave that "childish" fascination with mud behind. The soils of the Earth, whether underneath our feet or pressurized ben...

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Bad Ground

On 25 April 2007, it will be one year since a rock fall in the Beaconsfield mine trapped Todd Russell and Brant Webb 925 metres underground for two weeks, and killed their fellow miner Larry Knight. Bad Ground is the exclusive, authorised story of th...

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From The Ground Up

"From the Ground Up offers original contributions from Mennonite peacebuilders as well as from non-Mennonite scholars of anthropology, religion, and conflict resolution. It is essential reading for pr...

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On Our Own Ground

This book brings together all of the known writings of William Apess, a Native American of mixed Pequot and white parentage who fought for the United States in the War of 1812, became a Methodist minister in 1829, and championed the rights of the Mas...

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Hallowed Ground

“[I]n a larger sense, we can not dedicate—we can not consecrate—we can not hallow—this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our power to a...

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Breaking Ground

Presents twelve adventurous, courageous, and often-overlooked woman archaeologists and their contributions to the field of Old World archaeology

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Whispers Under Ground

A WHOLE NEW REASON TO MIND THE GAP It begins with a dead body at the far end of Baker Street tube station, all that remains of American exchange student James Gallagher—and the victim’s wealthy, p...

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A Little Piece Of Ground

12-year-old Karim Aboudi and his family are trapped in their Ramallah home by a strict curfew. Israeli tanks control the city in response to a Palestinian suicide bombing. Karim longs to play football...

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