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Femme Fatale

From their top-secret headquarters... Three women with brains, brawn, beauty—and guns—are ready for anything...but love. Three new, connected stories by authors Doranna Durgin, Virginia Kantra and...

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The Femme Fatale In Victorian Literature

The Femme Fatale in Victorian Literature is a Marxist-Feminist reading of the Femme Fatale in nineteenth-century British literature that examines the changing social and economic status of women from ...

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The Rise And Fall Of The Femme Fatale In British Literature, 1790 1910

The Rise and Fall of the Femme Fatale: From Gothic Ghosts to Victorian Vamps explores the femme fatale’s career in nineteenth-century British literature. It traces her evolution—and devolution—formally, historically, and ideologically through a...

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Fatale Vol. 5

The final book in ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS's best-selling horror-noir epic. The secrets of the immortal Femme Fatale and her adversary come to light before their final explosive confrontation. Collects FATALE #20-24.

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La Sage Femme De Venise

Venise 1575. Hannah Levi est réputée dans toute la ville pour ses talents d’accoucheuse – un don développé en secret par les « cuillers d’accouchement » qu’elle a mises au point. Quand p...

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Fatale Fehler

Ich irre, also bin ich, schrieb Augustinus, und Benjamin Franklin war der Meinung, die Geschichte der menschlichen Irrtümer sei interessanter als diejenige ihrer Erfindungen; doch wenn wir uns irren und Fehler machen, ärgern wir uns und fühlen uns...

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