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Flowing Stream Strategy

Though the concern regarding the confluence of continuity and change is well accepted, there is hardly any well known framework in the literature that can be used as a benchmark to deal with this paradoxical issue. Keeping in view the significance of...

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Logistics Management And Strategy

Logistic management is a vital part of any business operation. This volume provides up-to-the-minute information on all aspects of strategic planning and business logistics.

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The Clipper Ship Strategy

Conventional wisdom says that when the government expands the money supply, the money descends on the economy in a uniform blanket. This is incorrect. The money is injected into specific locations cau...

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Enterprise Growth Strategy

Even during economic downturns businesses have to grow to survive and compete in domestic and international markets. There is always a need to plan for future growth. Enterprise Growth Strategy presents the total process of a growth strategy. Dr Kuma...

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The New Human Capital Strategy

It is often said that the only true source of sustained competitive advantage is people. But what does that mean and how can this be measured and managed? How many organizations know whether their hum...

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Elements Of Multinational Strategy

This textbook on international business integrates the academic study of international trade and foreign direct investment with the actual strategic and operational decisions of exporters and multinational enterprises. The book aims to merge manageri...

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Handbook Of Marketing Strategy

This authoritative, comprehensive, and accessible volume by leading global experts provides a broad overview of marketing strategy issues and questions, including its evolution, competitor analysis, customer management, resource allocation, dynamics,...

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Content Strategy At Work

Outlines the principles of content strategy, including case studies of Johns Hopkins Medicine, MINI, and Icebreaker.

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Jack Trout On Strategy

The author of Positioning and Marketing Warfare summarizes his key ideas about marketing strategy in an accessible format, discussing the ways in which "positioning" is an essential concept in marketi...

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Understanding Contemporary Strategy

This is a new co-authored textbook that explains and describes the key intellectual debates around military strategy in the early twenty-first century.

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Value Driven Channel Strategy

Value at the point of production does not automatically translate into value at the point of consumption. Augmenting Lean Thinking with a more robust and substantial customer value basis makes it even more powerful when applied to the organizationes ...

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Competitive Environmental Strategy

Environmental concerns can greatly affect business success, regardless of whether a business person or corporation shares those concerns. Today's corporate managers must understand the power of enviro...

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Studyguide For Strategy Synthesis

Never HIGHLIGHT a Book Again! Virtually all testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events are included. Cram101 Textbook Outlines gives all of the outlines, highlights, notes for your textbook...

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The Good Jobs Strategy

Explains how today's workers are a company's greatest asset and should be treated as such and discusses the flaws in the trend that sent service, manufacturing and retail sector jobs overseas in an effort to stay competitive through reduced wages and...

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Build Your Customer Strategy

"The customer relationships that a company is able to cultivate represent the most important asset that will never appear on its balance sheet." -From Chapter 1 of Build Your Customer Strategy Build Y...

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Private Label Strategy

As retailers have become more powerful and global, they have increasingly focused on their own brands at the expense of manufacturer brands. Rather than simply selling on price, retailers have transfo...

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Blue Ocean Strategy

The global phenomenon, embraced by business worldwide and now published in more than 40 languages. This international bestseller challenges everything you thought you knew about the requirements for s...

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The Globalization Of Strategy Research

"This volume brings together various emerging perspectives in strategy research for further interaction and debate. Contributions address a range of issues related to the globalization of strategy res...

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Henderson On Corporate Strategy

Discusses techniques for business managers for planning company growth, overcoming competition, dealing with inflation, improving the organization of the corporation, and coping with personnel problems

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Making Strategy Work

Without effective execution, no business strategy can succeed. This second edition delivers a powerful framework every leader can use to overcome the obstacles to successfully deploying business strategy. In this book, leading consultant and Wharton ...

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